This Lady Announced Her Burial On Facebook

Kingsley Momoh - Lagos

Her facebook account states that she was a sergent with the Peace corps of Nigeria and studied at the Enugu state university and Alvan Ikoku college of Education. She  hails and lives in Oweeri, the capital of Imo state, Ebisike Victoria Chinyere had suddenly become popular.
However for the fact that she had threatened to cut her life short by the 31st of August 2017. In her status posted July 26th ,2017, her facebook status read thus:

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN u re cordially invited to my burial ceremoney on de 31st of August 2017 As I DonT Have Money To Continue My Treatment Can Afford 50NairA To Buy Rat Killer To Terminate My Life

Following the post as at press time, the post has received 24 shares, 54 reactions and 213 comments. Most if the comments encouraged her to consider life and the love of JESUS who can save her from all situations instead of suicide while others offered to help her if she could provide her phone number or bank account number.

However, other comments urged her to go ahead to kill herself with a comment descrbing her as a fool and dared her to even kill herself earlier than the 31st date she proposed.

In a picture posted January 2016, she showed her leg which had white powdery substance on it. Someone in a comment on that picture had asked her if it was her leg and she affirmed. However she told the friend that it affected her hand and leg but she was okay.

However her lastest post indicates things may have gotten worse.

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