Brain Surgery: Nigerian Student Cries Out For Help

Abiodun Omogui
Abiodun Christiana Esohe Omogui is 26 years old and a student of the Federal College of Education (Special) in Oyo state. Previously, she was a student of Hospitality management and Tourism at the Federal Polytehnic Ilaro, Ogun but she had to stop due to a brain surgery that made her sight deteriorate.

We were neighbours and I have known her parents before she was born. Abiodun is a child any parent would be happy to have; she was a regular top student at school.  We used to tease her and called her Miss Pepeiye because of her slim stature. And she would smile and tell us that she would grow bigger and we won’t have any reason to call her that name.

I didn’t get to hear much about her family again after we moved but I was certain she was on the road to greatness based on what I knew of her. Hence, it was heart breaking to get a call from her mother a few days back to inform me of the tragic events that has been their lot for over 5 years now.

She told me that Abiodun was blind and she has been so for about 5 years! She said it all started like a joke. Abiodun complained about having headaches and it was so bad that the situation took them to Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH) where she was diagnosed of having brain tumour. And the tumour was resting on the sight nerves in the brain. After much financial depleting tests and agony, the surgery was successfully carried out and Abiodun came out alive but without the much cherished sight.

The surgery was undertaken in 2013 and the tumour was removed and a drug called Temozolomide was prescribed to her to be taken once a week. She said the drug used to cost N78,500. She said that her parents could only afford it twice before she stopped taking it. And since her health seemed to have gone back to normal, except for her sight, they felt everything okay. Abiodun had to start life all over again forfeiting her education pursuits at the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro and faced the school made for those with impaired sights like her.

Fast forward to 2018. Abiodun started having head aches about 2 weeks back and she is already afraid of a relapse. To ascertain the exact problem this time around, she was told at the hospital to go for a series of tests and scans.

Abiodun cannot afford anything to foot the bills of the tests. Her father, a retired police officer is grappling with taking care of the family and doesn't have the means of footing the bill of the proposed tests and scans.

Though in good spirit, Abiodun spoke with me on phone and asked I made her case known to Nigerians believing that good spirited people will come to her aid and she would be saved. She says she has so much to offer to the world.

Despite her situation which obviously shouldn't have been this bad if funds, were available, Abiodun has a strong faith that it is well with her.
Her mother's phone number and her account number are below:
Mrs Temitope Omogui

Abiodun Christiana Omogui 
UBA 2056432417

Unemployment: Nigerian Video Producer Advises Nigerian Youths To Discover Themselves First

Kingsley Momoh - Lagos

Fast rising Nigerian video producer Olatunbosun Alao popularly known as Bosun Alao has advised Nigerian youths to discover themselves first rather than waiting for an opportunity to do so on a large plane.

He made this statement while speaking at a event organized by Moria International Schools, Lagos to mark the end of the session in 

 Bosun Alao in his speech pointed out that the young graduates of the school should look inwards and sincerely tell themselves the truth of their interest and strength. 

"You don't have to wait for anyone to come and tell you to go into something you are not called out for. What good is studying medicine when you know you are meant for football or what good is studying business administration when you are meant for the oil and gas industry".
Noting that he is not against the students studying courses of their choice but they must understand that they are the first individual in the line of importance to their future.
Bosun himself, a product of personal development is a film maker, video editor, movie colourist and blogger based in Lagos the hub of commercial and entertainment activities in Nigeria. He co owns MagicMind Studios located in Surulere, Lagos.
He told the students that as they prepare for higher education, they should be focused and be known for good character.

EKITI ELECTIONS: Don Describe Police Action As Unconstitutional

Kingsley Momoh - Lagos

Deputy provost of the Nigerian Institute of journalism Lagos, Dr. Jide Johnson on Thursday described the happenings in Ekiti state as a shame on the nation. The don bared his mind to Guguru FM in reaction to the recent situation where a crowd supporting the People’s democracy party were dispersed with tear gas by the police.

He described the unfortunate incident as an abuse of power which he feels doesn’t really speak well of our democracy. He says that Nigeria doesn't really have what can be termed as democracy as many of the components of democracy are missing.

On the issuance of permits for political rally, Dr. Johnson was swift to respond thus.

The journalism don feels that the issue would have adverse effects on the gubernatorial election as there might be voters’ apathy. A result of the high presence of policemen and other security agencies in the state. He admonished all stakeholders to ensure everything goes well.

OIL & GAS: Professionals Call For Speedy Approval Of FDP

Kingsley Momoh - Lagos
The oil industry in Nigeria might be on its way to some improvement in the area of oil exploration going by the efforts of speakers and other participants at the 2018 edition of the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ Technical symposium with the theme: expediting FDP approval: key actions to ensure efficiency and value-added process. FDP is one of the fundamental criteria in the development of upstream exploration and production projects in Nigeria.
Some of the main issues that have resulted in delay of approvals are the inadequacy or incompleteness of plans that do not address all the project development issues. However, if FDP approval is delayed, it will in turn delay production, revenue, profitability, economic development, job creations, growth and investments in the industry.
Therefore, timely FDP approval is a win-win for both the government and the investors. In a sense, FDP is the roadmap for the development of any asset in the oil and gas sector. Therefore, to a large degree, it defines the success or otherwise of the field. This is the document the regulator of our oil and gas industry, DPR must approve before the commencement of activities in any oil field of our nation.

The symposium held on Thursday may 17th, 2018 at oriental hotel, Victoria Island Lagos was well attended by professionals in the oil and gas industry. Notable among them is the minister of state for petroleum, Dr. Emmanuel Ibe Kachukwu who was represented by Johnson Awoyemi, the senior technical adviser in the ministry of petroleum resources. Other speakers include Mordecai Baba Ladan, a director in the department of petroleum resources, Emeka Ene of Oildata energy group who was the moderator of the symposium.
The event which was attended by professionals from all sectors of the oil and gas industries was a rich discuss on the effects of delay in approval of field development plan FDP by the department of petroleum resources.
The robust symposium held for about two hours with the egg heads of the industry churning out their opinions pertaining the theme all with the aim of making the FDP approval for oil and gas projects more effective and also timely.
Eventually, the take home from this symposium is the call to operators in the industry to collaborate with the regulators in ensuring speedy approvals of field development plans (FDPs) to attract investments to the oil and gas sector. It is imperative that the federal government act quickly to evaluate and approve FDP to ensure that the momentum of investors does not nosedive due to frustration and other negative impacts of late approvals.

OLUSOSUN DUMPSITE: Residents Applaud Closure Months After

Kingsley Momoh - Lagos

The once ever active dumpsite is now a ghost town; closed from the business it is reputed for. No trucks going in or going out. The Olusosun dump site is now a shadow of itself. The members of the Environment ministry man the entrances to the site along Kudirat Abiola way and the Lagos Ibadan expressway; it is no longer business as usual. Months back, the Lagos state government closed down the dump site after series of fire that lasted for many days non-stop with attendant blur visions and stench. Although, there is still outburst of fire on regular basis but it isn’t as bad as it used to be. The state government has filled the surface of most of the site with sand to protect the escalation of any outburst of fire which sometimes erupt like volcanoes.

The site was ordered closed in March 2018 by governor Akinwunmi Ambode and residents around Ikosi, Olusosun, Ojota and beyond say that it has been a relief from the smokes and stench that were a regular in the areas. Michael Adishi is a resident of Aladelola Street in Ikosi. He told Guguru Fm that he lost his father in April to complications arising from inhaling the smoke from the site. He told us his father was 85. Ambode announced that the dumpsite is no longer healthy for those trading and people living in the area and that the Lagos state government would transform the Olusosun dumpsite into parks and other recreational facilities. Months after the closure of the Olusosun dump site at Ojota, residents seem to have finally heaved sighs of relief as the stench and smokes have stopped. They only wish that the smokes and stench that affected them yesterday will never come back again.

I Am The Voice For Ekiti Masses - John Olabode Wesley (MFR)

John Wesley Olabode is one of the young Nigerians who have hearkened to the call for the involvement of the youth in mainstream politics in Nigeria. Prior to this dispensation of elections, he had in 2015 taken the centre stage when he declared to run for the Presidency of Nigeria, a move which of course has helped many young Nigerian understand the precarious situation the nation is in without the youths who make up more than half of Nigeria's population in key government positions.
However, today, Olabode who is popularly known as MFR which is an acronym for movement for restoration is seeking to be elected into the house of representative to represent Ekiti central constituency 1. He has pitched his tent with Young democratic party. MFR declared his desire to Guguru FM in a chat with Kingsley Momoh in Lagos.

How would you describe John Wesley Olabode? 
John Wesley Olabode is a rugged and an indefatigable activist willing to give up anything for the welfare of the masses. I would carefully describe myself as a young Nigerian, who hails from Ado-Ekiti in Ekiti State whose upbringing and experience in Nigeria has moulded a man who becomes restless at the sight of inadequacies in society particularly where such could have been prevented by simple actions which weren't taken.

You sound serious with your ambition, Nigerians would like to know the experience you claim to have in Nigeria that has moulded you.
As a further point, I would like to state it again that I don't only sound serious, I am serious and I have been serious and will continue to be serious. Nigeria deserves serious and dedicated leadership and that is what I am willing to give to the people of Ekiti state and Nigeria.
I studied English Language and Literature-in-English at the University of Ibadan U.I. , Oyo state. During my time at the university, Fighting for the interest of students as a Student’s Parliament Council Representative and Majority Leader was a responsibility I took with all seriousness. Furthermore, I was involved in activities of the National association of Nigerian students NANS across the nation. I have decided to contest for this role because of I have the interest of the masses at heart. They deserve the kind of representation that John Wesley Olabode can give. The Ekiti people are unique people and they deserve the best. 

Can you give us one or two of such activities?
There are too many to count but I think I can easily point out this one that happened at the Olabisi Onabanjo University sometime back when the University community was enveloped in a bloody clash of interests. Being a member of NANS, we took it as our responsibility  despite the risk to our lives to ensure the safety of many students. Sometimes I look back and wonder what would have happened to those students if we didn't step in as at the time we did. I have an in depth knowledge of the intrigues in Ekiti state and the challenges of the populace and what a credible and charismatic representation will bring to them.

Lets leave that, tell us about your professional background
I am a writer, actor, motivational speaker, chief compere and media consultant. It is with pride that I say my jobs have afforded me the opportunity to meet people of all strata of society in different parts on Nigeria. It has always been a charging experience to bring to bare what Nigeria needs in terms of good and credible governance. 

What should Ekiti central constituent expect of you?
I am on a mission for reformation and my absolute interest is in the masses. When your voice seem not be loud enough for you to be heard, a louder voice is required to echo the desires and yearnings of such low voices of the masses. I’m that voice for the Masses

Bail Is Free, Nigerians Must Insist - ACP Austines Akika

Austinses Ayasi Akika
Kingsley Momoh

Acquiring bail at any police station is usually a transaction that involves money. Although not a fixed amount, this reporter has experienced it first hand. A church member had called on me to come bail him because the police had arrested him after he was reported to have beaten up a neighbour during a fight between the two and despite insisting bail is free, I had to part with some money for stationery, disinfectants, toiletries etc "for the running of the station".

However, the area commander of Idimu police station, Austines Ayasi Akika who is well known for his acts of professionalism as a Nigerian police officer, has come out to state once again that it is the right of the citizen to insist that bail is free. The statement by the senior officer sounded like the usual sayings of top officers but ACP Akika while speaking with Guguru FM pointed out that it is the right thing to do and if the police insist that a person seeking bail must pay for it, such a person should seek the attention of the divisional police officer or any other senior officer to wade into the issue.

Akika who has numerous awards to show for his professionalism pointed out that people are quick to offer financial gratification to police officer when they have crossed the lines of the law. He said how can you get to a place and on the wall is boldly written "bail is free" and they ask you for bail? Why won't you shout and insist that bail is free as written on the wall and on other posts in the police vicinity?
He gave an example of when he was the divisional police officer at Adeniji Adele police station. It was the case of an elderly woman whom he assisted to get her grandson released who was picked up during a routine raiding by the police. He had instructed his men to let the woman's grandchild go with her while he (Akika) was on his way out of the station.
He was alarmed when he came back about an hour later to meet the woman at the station.Upon asking why she was still there, the old woman said she was afraid her grandson (who has been released to her) might be arrested again by the police because they didn't collect a dime for the bail.

Enterttaiment Alone Can Run Our Economy - Gilo Ranks

Raggamuffin crooner, Gilo Ranks recently in a chat with Guguru Fm's Kingsley Momoh disclosed that he believes that the rate at which the entertainment industry is growing, Nigeria may have to not bother about making money from oil or Agriculture and even if they do, they would be play second fiddle to entertainment.
Gilo who is gradually stamping his foot on the soul of reggae music in Nigeria also expressed his gratitude to all Nigerians for keeping the nation in one piece despite the harsh economic situation in the country.
Gilo promised to dish out new tunes in 2018 and also said his fans should watchout for what he terms as the re enthronement of reggae music to the forefront of Nigerian music industry. He said he is in collaboration with top music acts in the country and would not want to disclose the names as work is going on in earnest to this direction.

Abraham Manuchimzi: I Was Born To Minister To Lost Souls

Kingsley Momoh - Lagos

The wave of gospel acts who are more determined to not only praise GOD and spread the gospel but also make a living from the business is increasing by the day. They spot all genre of music we have: from the traditional R&B to the relatively accepted Juju and Fuji. Also the reggae crooners are not left out. Indeed, the gospel sphere of the music industry in Nigeria is growing in good pace.

The name Abraham Manuchimzi may not ring a bell immediately but with the quality of music he is working on and the team he has in place as his production and managerial crew, Abraham is a promise of not just Christian focused songs but top notch music.

In an interview with Guguru FM, the bearded gospel minister describes music as a passion and believes, music for him was a divine deal.

"I believe I was born to sing and minister to lost souls. God created me for that purpose, that's why I went into music. And I believe God will bless me through it"

Born in Port Harcourt, Rivers state Nigeria and had upbringing in Port Harcourt and Lagos, Abraham had his primary education and secondary education in Rivers state before moving to Lagos for his tertiary education at the University of Lagos where he studied Finance.

He describes his musical prowess to also have been positively affected by Sammie Okposo, "Kleb shout", Marvin Winas, Nathaniel Bassey. Nosa, Marvin Sapp, Frank Edwards and Pastor Uche Agu amongst others.

Having recorded 2 songs with one released, Abraham says his bank of songs is made up of 6 songs and indeed, his bank of songs is growing by the day. He considers it a privilege to minister to GOD's people and whenever he does this, the memory lasts for a very long time. He says he is using the opportunity to glorify GOD for now and where it leads him to would be appreciated.

In response to what he thinks of the situation of gospel music in the music industry in Nigeria, We wanted to know of what he thought about the new trend.
"Oh yes oh, I see a serious change coming through... sooner than we a short time"

Hence, on who he would love to work with in the neaer future, his response went thus
"Oh my goodness them plenty oh....I can't be mentioning  names oh....haaaa OK...Pastor Nathaniel Bassey, Minister Sammie Okposo, Bishop Marvin Sapp, Minister Freke Umoh, Minister Frank Edwards, Pastor Sonnie Badu"

He advises upcoming acts to be patient in the quest for relevance as they can easily loose themselves by so doing. Furthermore, he said they should remain focussed and GOD more,
Indeed, his type is rare for an upcoming act who could possibly do anything to be noticed and be seen as relevant. he said anybody can sing but the HOLYSPIRIT makes the whole needed difference between ordinary music acts and gospel singers or musicians.

His good looks and charisma must have charmed a lot of females to him, Guguru FM sought to know how he manages that aspect of his life, and he smiled.
"The grace of God has been helping"

RayEnjel: Born Into Gospel Music, Now Ready To Make His Mark

Name: Raymond Udofiah

With a smash single now trending online, titled MY TRUST.  This sure is the work of a great.
Gbemisola Momoh

Definitely, his story is that of a mission backed with a vision to do that which he was commissioned. His name Enjel and his mission, to charge the spirit of men towards serving GOD and keeping his commandments. He describes himself as one who carefully studied and got the necessary training to enter into the music ministry. And that indeed was lavishly showcased in his latest solo effort which has since become one of the most charming of songs on the airwaves and cyberspace in Nigeria.
He describes music as an inborn thing and the choir has been part of his life as long as he can remember which of course had positively influenced his singing and composing prowess.

Indeed, it thus made it a difficult decision to want to think of anything outside the realms of music in life. This indeed must have geared him to publish what can be termed as Nigeria’s first magazine dedicated to drums which was first published a few years back called Drummer Live.
He describes his musical influence as the work of the Holy Spirit and a confirmation of the commission of GOD for him as he has become a lyric churning machine of sort as the inspiration to write songs keeps coming. He has so far recorded two of the over 150 songs he has in his coffers.

When asked why he had to record now, he said that it was the set time hence, recording the songs is another phase in his call to duty.

He noted that when growing up, Marvin Sapp was one of the artistes he admired. He also pointed Israel Houghton, Kurt Carr, Don Moen, Fred Hammond and Donnie McClurkin. He describe Kirk Franklin as one who turned things around positively in gospel music and today, a lot has happened since he came on board.

However, despite all this, we wanted to know if gospel music can be relied on economically. He explained thus

“Well, I can’t really say conclusively that music is paying or not. I think it has much to do with individuals involve. You know, if the content is good the same will attract money. The good part is that there is appreciation for it in Nigeria. People are beginning to appreciate locally made songs, which is a good point. Artiste with great content who have been able to carve a niche for themselves are however smiling to the bank”.
Thus he sees in the future a situation where gospel music will take over the airwaves and celebrated by all and not just a Sunday thing on airwaves and other entertainment places.

RayEnjel believes that Nigeria deserves unity and plans to use his songs as a tool for this. Hence, he believes that is platform is also dedicated to unify Nigeria. He further plans to create an award program
where gospel artistes will be recognized and honoured. Secondly he also plans to float a gospel concert like the annual "Experience-Lagos" where only Nigerians will feature because as he puts it

“I have discovered that everyone wants to sing in Experience yet there's no such slot so why not create something that could appear a substitute”

With so much talent and strength, we wanted to know how he manages the attraction his gifts must have made him have of the females. He simply puts
“I believe the wisdom will come from God to manage them”.

He hopes to work with Fred Hammond, Israel Houghton and Marvin Sapp. In Nigeria, Nathaniel Bassey is his major target. He advises upcoming act to have a vision and understand it clearly, Stay passionately with it. Believe in yourself and understand that every vision speaks the loudest at the end.

Ugo Ezerendu: Gospel Music Act, Bursts Into Prominence In Style

Kingsley Momoh

Ugo Ezerendu: Bursting Into Prominence In Style

Sometimes one wonders how some people got gifts that are so visible to all and others seemingly do not have any gifts. However, men of GOD will argue that everybody have been given gifts by GOD and it is left for those with the gifts to discover them.
Going by this assertion, some people it seems discover their gifts late while others seem to find find it when they are very young. Others however find them when they are not just young but very able to untilize the gifts to the maximum.

It is in this category that Ugochukwu Henry Ezerendu, a gospel lyricist and musician falls into. After his first single titled “Awesome’, the young and dynamic lover of GOD has choosen 28th of October 2017 to as they say, drop anther single which has been one of the most anticipated songs from among his friends, colleagues, church members and teeming fans across the world. Ugo whose musical prowess has seen him do the soundtrack of a movie titled "My stand-Election” says music is his way f saying imela (thank you) GOD for everything.
Born in Lagos to the Ezerendus, he got into music as a member of the junior church choir of the Redeemed Christian church of GOD. He remembered that his teacher then in church selected him to lead a particular song and due to his beautiful performance, he was chosen to lead a praise and worship session and as they say, the rest is now history as he has started make a story for his career in music.
In a exclusive chat with Guguru FM, he said music is his passion and he has never found it difficult in any way. Noting that it can be challenging, but he has always found himself around it as it is his passion. And to show that it is indeed what he has been called to do, he has numerous songs in his kitty which he can comfortably single out ten of them and he has so far recorded three.
One of the dreams of Ugo is a world where Gospel music eventually takes over the music world
I see gospel music taking over the worldly music in due time, I see a case whereby companies begin to endorse more gospel artiste,I see a case whereby every radio station, TV station gets to play gospel songs not only on Sundays but everyday.
And that’s why some of the most memorable moment for him is when while waiting on the queue to use an ATM, he heard someone playing his song. Another moment was when he heard a choir doing his song.
Ugo asmires Nathaniel Bassey a great deal also hopes to own an aviation firm. He also points Odunayo Aboderin, Victoria Orenzi and Nosa as other gospel acts he admires in the industry.
Asked how he manages his relationship with female knowing that music acts are usually vulnerable to the opposite genders.
Laughs…..The Lord will help us, knowing fully well they will come after me I would have to flee and won’t give room for mistakes.
Ugo advice to other acts in the ministryis tha they should love GOD, be patient and live a holy life.

His latest effor, EBUBE hits the airwaves today 28th October, 2017.

Okogie Accusation: Ben Akabueze Speaks For The Pentecostal Christians

On his facebook page, Ben Akabueze who is also a Pastor in the Redeemed Christian Church of GOD is a Nigerian economist and the current Director General of the Budget office for the Federal Republic of Nigeria. He had this much on his facebook page on the 26th of OCtober 2017 in reaction to statements made by Olubunmi Okogie pertaining to Pentecostal churches.

The only reason you can call something fake is because there is an original of that thing. Without a doubt, there are many fake churches around, but Jesus Christ Himself warned us that in the last days false prophets and teachers will abound. The onus is on each believer to test the spirit operating through every pastor, whether it be of God. As for Bishop Okogie’s comments, I think he needs some lessons in church history, including that of the Catholic Church perhaps. If you drive through the major old European and American cities, you will be amazed at how many church buildings were built in very close proximity in the era when citizens of those nations were fervent in the christian faith. With all the talk about too many churches in Lagos, the statistics show that on a typical Sunday morning you probably don’t have more than 20% of Lagos residents attending church. I am a Pentecostal Christian, and I find it very patronizing when people presume to know what is good for me and other Pentecostals better than we do. Pentecostals are rational people, and if worshipping anywhere is not benefiting them, they know what to do. Nobody changes churches as much as Pentecostals. So, why don’t people just stop patronizing us? Practically every time I attend a funeral service in a Catholic Church, the priest holds the congregation down to raise funds for some church project. In the RCCG, no offering is taken at funeral services no matter how well-to-do the attendees may be. And yet Okogie dismisses RCCG parishes as business centres! With so many unsaved and unchurched people in Nigeria, God is unimpressed with all this ‘my church is better than yours’ quibble. RCCG has chosen multiple church planting as a key part of its strategy to evangelize, as Christ commands us to do. What is the Catholic Church’s strategy for accomplishing the Great Commission ( Matt 28:19-20)?

This Lady Announced Her Burial On Facebook

Kingsley Momoh - Lagos

Her facebook account states that she was a sergent with the Peace corps of Nigeria and studied at the Enugu state university and Alvan Ikoku college of Education. She  hails and lives in Oweeri, the capital of Imo state, Ebisike Victoria Chinyere had suddenly become popular.
However for the fact that she had threatened to cut her life short by the 31st of August 2017. In her status posted July 26th ,2017, her facebook status read thus:

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN u re cordially invited to my burial ceremoney on de 31st of August 2017 As I DonT Have Money To Continue My Treatment Can Afford 50NairA To Buy Rat Killer To Terminate My Life

Following the post as at press time, the post has received 24 shares, 54 reactions and 213 comments. Most if the comments encouraged her to consider life and the love of JESUS who can save her from all situations instead of suicide while others offered to help her if she could provide her phone number or bank account number.

However, other comments urged her to go ahead to kill herself with a comment descrbing her as a fool and dared her to even kill herself earlier than the 31st date she proposed.

In a picture posted January 2016, she showed her leg which had white powdery substance on it. Someone in a comment on that picture had asked her if it was her leg and she affirmed. However she told the friend that it affected her hand and leg but she was okay.

However her lastest post indicates things may have gotten worse.

The Latest Amendments To The Nigerian Constitution

1. Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, (Fourth Alteration) Bill, No. 1, 2017 (Composition of Members of the Council of State) – This bill seeks to amend the Third Schedule to include former Presidents of the Senate and Speakers of the House of Representatives in the composition of the Council of State.
2. Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, (Fourth Alteration) Bill, No. 2, 2017 (Authorisation of Expenditure) – seeks to alter sections 82 and 122 of the Constitution to reduce the period within which the President or Governor of a state may authorise the withdrawal of monies from the consolidated revenue fund in the absence of an appropriation act from 6 months to 3 months.

3. Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, (Fourth Alteration) Bill, No. 3, 2017 (Devolution of Powers) – This seeks to alter the Second Schedule, Part I & II to move certain items to the Concurrent Legislative List to give more legislative powers to States. It also delineates the extent to which the federal legislature and state assemblies can legislate on the items that have been moved to the Concurrent Legislative List.

Aniacan; Nigerian Music Act With A Difference

Mesor Osikemekhai - Lagos

The story Aniacan tells with his life is that of following your passion. Indeed, the handsome man from Akwa Ibom whose foray into music started way back is a testimony of a man who gave all for what he loves. And finally he dished out to his teeming fan and the world his latest collection of songs which he has titled, 'Tale Of A Broken Man'.

Aniacan who is also known as Winnies Immanuel describes the album as something to make music redefined. The album has the following tracks:
1 TaleOfabrokenMan intro
2 Onilari
3 Ten speed drive
4 Time
5 Gbefun
6 Nobody
7 Kenkele
8 Atewo
9 I gat to go ft crown
10 Woman ft crown
11 Temi
12 I dey see ft vasatyle & tank Millar
13 Eledumare
14 Dont impress
15 Ajoji
16 Onilari Acoustic ft focus & shine.

Tu Baba Goes Close To Boko Haram !

Kingsley MomohTu Baba has shown another side of his by his recent visit to internally displaced persons (IDP) Camp in Banki, a border Community with Cameroon Republic and other resettlement Areas in Maiduguri, Borno State camp in Banki, Borno State. The music superstar spent 3 days in Borno State on his Solidarity visit.
He pointed out that it is saddening to see the horrible effect of the fight against insurgency which has led to the loss of lives and properties. He also noted that the Boko haram issue has nothing to do with religion as widely believed.

D'Priest Wants Us To Pray

Here comes a brand new soul lifting single by one of Nigeria's multi-talented gospel singerD'PRIEST, titled : "Let's Pray".

D'PRIEST is a music minister, song writer, performing artiste, praise and worship leader. He hails from Abia state. Born into a family of 5, he began his singing at a very young age of 7 in the children choir of his parents' church.

    D'PRIEST is a super guitarist, a mega awards nominee, and also a graduate from the university of calabar. He has shared the stage with the likes of great gospel minister like Mike Abdul, Eben, Joe Praize, Obi Shine, Efe Nathan, chris Shallom, Frank Edwards and many more. 

D'PRIEST is happily married with a beautiful daughter. No matter the situation you are passing through, D'PRIEST is saying let's pray because prayer changes things.
 Download, enjoy and share the soul lifting song below.

 Let's  Pray Lyrics by D'PRIEST

What a friend we have in Jesus,
 all our sins and griefs to bare...

**Verse 1**
I heard you cry last night, 
you deprived yourself of sleep,
I don't know what the matter is, 
common take my hands and let's pray...
 It doesn't matter what the matter is
Get on your knees and pray in faith,
 my God will come thru for you...
Oh what needless pains you bare, 
all because you do not pray...
Oh what needless pains you carry everywhere
 all because you do not pray...
I love you Jesus!

Kpoya chukwu nogha za, nogha za,
Jesus Na za ekpere (×2)

**Verse 2**
Cos in Jesus name, every trouble fly,
 brother man don't you worry, 
cos worry doesn't change anything...
Though the mountains high, 
and the valleys low,
 put your trust in God
 he will come thru for you...
Oh what needless pains you bare,
 all because you do not pray...
Ebezinna nwanne, 
Na chukwu Nonso
Call his name,
 he will answer when you call

***Repeat Chorus***
Are you feeling down
When you can pray
God is never late,
 he's not a man to lie
Morning noon and night
Everywhere you go,
 doesn't matter what you see,
 faith is the victory
Get on your knees and pray
On your knees you meet the need,
 brother man let's pray
Prayer is the key

Let's pray (×3),
 prayer will open doors
Kpoya onwan nuo tutu le...
Nwanne otu onye
Jesus Na za ekpere
Kpo ya  (×3)
Jesus Na za ekpere

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