This Lady Announced Her Burial On Facebook

Kingsley Momoh - Lagos

Her facebook account states that she was a sergent with the Peace corps of Nigeria and studied at the Enugu state university and Alvan Ikoku college of Education. She  hails and lives in Oweeri, the capital of Imo state, Ebisike Victoria Chinyere had suddenly become popular.
However for the fact that she had threatened to cut her life short by the 31st of August 2017. In her status posted July 26th ,2017, her facebook status read thus:

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN u re cordially invited to my burial ceremoney on de 31st of August 2017 As I DonT Have Money To Continue My Treatment Can Afford 50NairA To Buy Rat Killer To Terminate My Life

Following the post as at press time, the post has received 24 shares, 54 reactions and 213 comments. Most if the comments encouraged her to consider life and the love of JESUS who can save her from all situations instead of suicide while others offered to help her if she could provide her phone number or bank account number.

However, other comments urged her to go ahead to kill herself with a comment descrbing her as a fool and dared her to even kill herself earlier than the 31st date she proposed.

In a picture posted January 2016, she showed her leg which had white powdery substance on it. Someone in a comment on that picture had asked her if it was her leg and she affirmed. However she told the friend that it affected her hand and leg but she was okay.

However her lastest post indicates things may have gotten worse.

The Latest Amendments To The Nigerian Constitution

1. Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, (Fourth Alteration) Bill, No. 1, 2017 (Composition of Members of the Council of State) – This bill seeks to amend the Third Schedule to include former Presidents of the Senate and Speakers of the House of Representatives in the composition of the Council of State.
2. Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, (Fourth Alteration) Bill, No. 2, 2017 (Authorisation of Expenditure) – seeks to alter sections 82 and 122 of the Constitution to reduce the period within which the President or Governor of a state may authorise the withdrawal of monies from the consolidated revenue fund in the absence of an appropriation act from 6 months to 3 months.

3. Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, (Fourth Alteration) Bill, No. 3, 2017 (Devolution of Powers) – This seeks to alter the Second Schedule, Part I & II to move certain items to the Concurrent Legislative List to give more legislative powers to States. It also delineates the extent to which the federal legislature and state assemblies can legislate on the items that have been moved to the Concurrent Legislative List.

Aniacan; Nigerian Music Act With A Difference

Mesor Osikemekhai - Lagos

The story Aniacan tells with his life is that of following your passion. Indeed, the handsome man from Akwa Ibom whose foray into music started way back is a testimony of a man who gave all for what he loves. And finally he dished out to his teeming fan and the world his latest collection of songs which he has titled, 'Tale Of A Broken Man'.

Aniacan who is also known as Winnies Immanuel describes the album as something to make music redefined. The album has the following tracks:
1 TaleOfabrokenMan intro
2 Onilari
3 Ten speed drive
4 Time
5 Gbefun
6 Nobody
7 Kenkele
8 Atewo
9 I gat to go ft crown
10 Woman ft crown
11 Temi
12 I dey see ft vasatyle & tank Millar
13 Eledumare
14 Dont impress
15 Ajoji
16 Onilari Acoustic ft focus & shine.

Tu Baba Goes Close To Boko Haram !

Kingsley MomohTu Baba has shown another side of his by his recent visit to internally displaced persons (IDP) Camp in Banki, a border Community with Cameroon Republic and other resettlement Areas in Maiduguri, Borno State camp in Banki, Borno State. The music superstar spent 3 days in Borno State on his Solidarity visit.
He pointed out that it is saddening to see the horrible effect of the fight against insurgency which has led to the loss of lives and properties. He also noted that the Boko haram issue has nothing to do with religion as widely believed.

D'Priest Wants Us To Pray

Here comes a brand new soul lifting single by one of Nigeria's multi-talented gospel singerD'PRIEST, titled : "Let's Pray".

D'PRIEST is a music minister, song writer, performing artiste, praise and worship leader. He hails from Abia state. Born into a family of 5, he began his singing at a very young age of 7 in the children choir of his parents' church.

    D'PRIEST is a super guitarist, a mega awards nominee, and also a graduate from the university of calabar. He has shared the stage with the likes of great gospel minister like Mike Abdul, Eben, Joe Praize, Obi Shine, Efe Nathan, chris Shallom, Frank Edwards and many more. 

D'PRIEST is happily married with a beautiful daughter. No matter the situation you are passing through, D'PRIEST is saying let's pray because prayer changes things.
 Download, enjoy and share the soul lifting song below.

 Let's  Pray Lyrics by D'PRIEST

What a friend we have in Jesus,
 all our sins and griefs to bare...

**Verse 1**
I heard you cry last night, 
you deprived yourself of sleep,
I don't know what the matter is, 
common take my hands and let's pray...
 It doesn't matter what the matter is
Get on your knees and pray in faith,
 my God will come thru for you...
Oh what needless pains you bare, 
all because you do not pray...
Oh what needless pains you carry everywhere
 all because you do not pray...
I love you Jesus!

Kpoya chukwu nogha za, nogha za,
Jesus Na za ekpere (×2)

**Verse 2**
Cos in Jesus name, every trouble fly,
 brother man don't you worry, 
cos worry doesn't change anything...
Though the mountains high, 
and the valleys low,
 put your trust in God
 he will come thru for you...
Oh what needless pains you bare,
 all because you do not pray...
Ebezinna nwanne, 
Na chukwu Nonso
Call his name,
 he will answer when you call

***Repeat Chorus***
Are you feeling down
When you can pray
God is never late,
 he's not a man to lie
Morning noon and night
Everywhere you go,
 doesn't matter what you see,
 faith is the victory
Get on your knees and pray
On your knees you meet the need,
 brother man let's pray
Prayer is the key

Let's pray (×3),
 prayer will open doors
Kpoya onwan nuo tutu le...
Nwanne otu onye
Jesus Na za ekpere
Kpo ya  (×3)
Jesus Na za ekpere

MEGA 2017 Entry Submission Date Extended... To July 31!

Do you know any gospel act you think deserves the right encouragement and charging to do more?
MEGA 2017 Entry Submission Date Extended... To July 31!

At its 2017 inaugural meeting, the Central Working Committee, CWC of MEGA 2017 sanctioned the extension of the submission of entries for this year's event. The current date expires Friday, June 30.
Complaints and appeals of interested persons who claimed, among other issues, late awareness and registration challenges, were deliberated on by the CWC before approving the extension.
Cognizant of the need to spread the net of MEGA far and wide in order to attract as many quality gospel musical works as possible, the CWC affirmed the new closing date as Monday, July 31, 2017.
The Coordinator was advised to liaise with the committee of screeners and other arms of the selection process to sustain the momentum and fluidity of the energy-sapping workload with their deep appreciation.
It will be recalled that the first call for this year's submission opened on May 15, 2017. The organisers invited artistes, producers, video directors, groups, etc - whose bias is for gospel music and have works released between May 1, 2016 and April 30, 2017 - to consider submitting them for screening.
The modes of submission remain the same: 1. Register/upload submission online for free at; 2. By Email: Send "Request-Music"; and 3. By Hand: Download/obtain entry forms via web/email platforms.
(see form for full details of all submission centres).
The award night proper is slated for mid November.
Many thanks.

How Do We Know Which Broadcast Message To Ignore?


Indeed, we receive all sorts of messages via the social media which many times seem very interesting, comprehensive and believable.
However, investigations have come to show that it is not all of these messages which many times end with "COPIED" "SENT AS RECEIVED", "YOU MAY BE SAVING SOMEONE'S LIFE", "THERE IS NO HARM IN PASSING IT", "SEND TO YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND LOVED ONE" etc that should be passed on or broadcast. It always seem wise to pass some of these messages along especially as "it doesn't cost a thing or does any harm".
Then think about this, imagine a young man going for a job interview somewhere in Ikorodu getting a whatsapp message from 'a loved one' informing thus:

"Ikorodu" is boiling right now! Inform your friends and family not to go there today as cultists have taken over the streets and are secretly killing anyone in sight. Sent as received. Please pass on because you may be saving someone's life.

Such a man may just ascribe bad luck or say it is his enemies that are after him  as he would consider other activities and hope the interview will not hold and postponed as a result of the reported killings or he would just consider it a lost opportunity because he wouldn't want to dare enter the Badoo land all because of a job. 

The bible passage that a living dog is better than a dead lion would take full control of his system at such a time. The next day he discovers that the information sent to him by his very good friend was false and the interview held.

It has been also discovered that many prefer to send the messages as they believe that it does no harm in sending as the apparatus of verifying such claims may not be in their control.
Whichever way we stand, there should always be a second thought to the information we allow ourselves to be a sender of  on social media because the after effect is usually awesome.

See this message about malaria drugs which I am nearly 100 % sure you never found out how true it is and  maybe you also sent it too [ I did the 1st time I saw it too].
The picture below is a disclaimer which seem to have emanated from the United states of America's FDA.

Please I just got this now and kindly forward to your African relatives.
The list of drugs against malaria removed from the market in the European Union.
The underlisted drugs have been proven to be dangerous and are the origin of kidney failure that kills spontaneously.
Listed are designation, form unit and laboratory manufacturer of these drugs.
1. Alaxin 60mg tablet (dihydroartémisinine) B / 8 gvs labs
2. Alaxin oral suspension (dihydroartémisinine) FL / 80ml gvs labs
3. Amodiaquine 200mg compressed B / 1000 cipla
4. Amodiaquine 200mg compressed B / 1000 mannesh
5. Arinate 100mg tablet (artésunate) B / 6 dafra Pharma
6. Arinate 50 mg tablet (artésunate) B / 6 dafra Pharma
7. Arsumax 50 mg tablet (artésunate) B / 12 Sanofi - Aventis
8. Artemax 60 mg tablet (dihydroartémisinine) B / 8 g.a Pharmaceuticals
9. Artémédine 40 mg capsule (artemether) B / 12 kunmung
10. Artémédine 50 mg tablet (artemether) B / 12 kunmung
11. Artenam 50 mg tablet (artemether) B / 14 qualifar
12. Artenam 60 mg tablet (artemether) B / 8 qualifar
13. Artésiane 300 mg child powder oral suspension (artemether) FL / 38g dafra Pharma
14. Artésunate 100mg compressed B / 120 dafra Pharma
15. Artésunate 50 mg tablet B / 120 dafra Pharma
16. Artexin 60 mg tablet (dihydroartémisinine) B / 8 bdh industries
17. Camoquin 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 9 Pfizer
18. Camoquin 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 25 blisters / 3 Pfizer
19. Camoquin 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 55 blisters / 9 Pfizer
20. Camoquin 200mg tablet (amodiquine) B / 24 Pfizer
21. Camoquin 600 mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 3 Pfizer
22. Camoquin oral suspension 50mg / 5ml (amodiaquine) FL / 60ml Pfizer
23. Cotecxin oral suspension (dihydroartémisinine) FL / 80ml cotec
24. Cotecxin 60 mg tablet (dihydroartémisinine) B / 8 cotec
25. Daraprim tablet (pyriméthamine) B / 30 GlaxoSmithKline
26. Falcinil 50mg tablet (artésunate) B / 12 cipla
27. Flavoquine oral suspension 50mg / 5ml (amodiaquine) FL / 90ml Sanofi-Aventis
28. Flavoquine 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 16 Sanofi-Aventis
29. Flavoquine 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 240 Sanofi-Aventis
30. Gunate strong tablet (artésunate) B / 6 gvs labs
31. Tvitter powder oral suspension (artemether) FL / 100ml gvs labs
32. Halfan 250mg tablet (halofantrine) B / 6 GlaxoSmithKline
33. Halfan 250mg tablet (halofantrine) B / 120 GlaxoSmithKline
34. Halfan oral suspension 5mg / 5ml (halofantrine) FL / 45ml GlaxoSmithKline
35. Malartin 200mg tablet (artésunate) B / 6 Tri-health
36. Malartin 50 mg tablet (artésunate) B / 12 Tri-health
37. mmh-malarex 450 mg capsule (peschiara fuchsiaefolia) B / 20 ropack
38. Paludrine 100mg tablet (proguanil) B / 56 Astra Zeneca
39. Plasmotrim 200mg tablet (artésunate) B / 25 blisters / 6 mepha
40. Plasmotrim 200mg tablet (artésunate) B / 6 mepha
41. Plasmotrim 50 mg lactab (artésunate) B / 12 mepha
42. Plasmotrim 50 mg lactab (artésunate) B / 25 blisters / 6 mepha.
You can save your life and that of others by not stocking any drug that contains any of these substances:
Thank you to know this information and send also to those around you, it can save lives. Forwarded as received pls.

How do we really verify even the disclaimer?


Mrs. Osinbajo Celebrates Birthday With Family

Quietly but happily, the wife of Acting President Yemi Osinbajo, Mrs Oludolapo Osinbajo was feted to a birthday celebration.

Media Veterans Berate Unprofessional Media Practice

Kingsley Momoh
The present state of practice of information dissemination online and the traditional media has earned the concern of a group of media practitioners known as Network for Media Excellence NME.
Some members of the group
Made up of seasoned practitioners, the group during its first rendezvous held in Lagos on Thursday 12th July, 2017 described the teeming appreciation of the content of trained and untrained media practitioners who flout all the necessary procedures to churning out information to the public as alarming.
With the aim of promoting professionalism in the media, the discussants agreed that there was a need for urgent intervention to forestall what could become a breakdown of the fourth estate of the realm.
Tokunbo Modupe, Mayor Akinpelu and Dr. Hamilton

The group’s statement confirmed that members discussed various issues in the media, particularly professionalism and the current spate of poor journalism ethics, especially on new media platforms.

Discussants included the convener, Femi Akintunde-Johnson, anchor of FAJ-Alive on Lagos Television; Dr. Kunle Hamilton, President, ShaddaiVille Ministries; Tokunbo Modupe, CEO, TPT International; Actor/Producer Patrick Doyle; Akin Adeoya, Publisher, M2 & CEO, Marketing Mix; and Mayor Akinpelu, Publisher, Global Excellence Online.
Funsho Arogundade, Akin Adeoya

Others included Gboyega Okegbenro, CEO of Peachtree Comm. & Sportsmark International; Lanre Arogundade, Director, International Press Centre; Azuh Arinze, Publisher, Yes! International magazine; Mike Effiong, Editor, Ovation International magazine; foremost Scriptwriter Joe Dudun; Yemi Akinbode, MD, Transnegotiation Inc; Tosin Ajirire, Group Entertainment Editor, The Sun; Nseobong Okon-Ekong, Deputy Editor, ThisDay; Etop Ukutt (ThisDay), Kingsley Momoh (CEO, Guguru FM), Folarin Ademosu, Editor,; and Funso Arogundade (PM Express).

The NME said it would promote best media practices across traditional and social media platforms through open and covert engagements, advocacy and training where possible.
Convener, Femi Akintunde Johnson, Mike Effiong and Azuh Arinze

Two members of the network were feted during the event. They are Tokunbo Modupe for receiving the “PR Practitioner of the Decade” award recently, and Lanre Arogundade whose birthday coincided with the rendezvous.

Oleesa Hits The Airwaves With "I Am Healed".

Kingsley Momoh - Lagos

Oleesa Hits The Airwaves With "I Am Healed"

Fast rising gospel minister, song writer and singer from Nigeria, Oleesa Isaac Anyakwo has released another single following the release of Hiding place which was a massive success. According to Oleesa, the new song is not just another song as it is a divinely arranged song that is filled with healing powers which he hopes would be shared to the whole world to have a piece of.

Oleesa shares, “This new single is titled I AM HEALED. There are songs you only hear in prayer, in the spirit. This song initially started as a chorus, “Heal me now, heal me now,” I was having a flu one day in school and then my roomies where telling me to go buy drugs or go to the school hospital, I did not have the money to do all of that, I climbed on my bed bent my face down and prayed and then it started, “a cry from my heart, Father, heal me now,”  I woke up the next morning with no symptom, no illness, bubbling full of life, and then I knew there was something about a heart cry, this was four years ago, Years of learning and teaching and studying of the word, I realized that we do not need to say ”Heal me now, We only have to declare that we are healed,” because the bible says “By His Stripes we are healed”…Isa 53:5. Isa 53:5 was  the  scripture that followed me from when I was 8 years old till when I had an appendectomy operation done, it was not diagnosed early, I was being treated for malaria/typhoid by some doctors then, until I was bloated and looking like I was going to die, my pry school teacher, Mr ABA (RIP), kept reading that scripture (Isa 53:5) to me in the hospital and I was taken to another hospital (St Nicholas) and then was diagnosed and God took over from there. People told me that divine healing has ceased, that there is nothing like it, that its not realistic, but that was a lie from the pit of hell, I believed and held on to my faith that as long as God lives, Divine healing is real.” The song was produced by IBK, mixed and mastered by Mr Wols.
Oleesa started singing at the age of 5 in the junior church of the Redeemed Christian Church of GOD - The City of Refuge parish Pedro Lagos. He is the president of Tour Ministries International, a ministry involved in giving to the poor and Worship Music concerts to spread the Gospel of Jesus. He is a trained Physiotherapist from the College of Medicine, Lagos University teaching hospital LUTH Idiaraba Lagos.
Dowload his songs at 


Voting is easy with the right choice.
This is definitely the right choice!
Gbenga Oyebode is tested and trusted.

And when he is voted in...all fears and worries are RESTED.

Let your vote be your investment to your government.

Give it to one who is tested and trusted.

And put your mind at rest.

Gbenga Oyebode ACMA, FCICN, SCIM, PMISN is the best bet!

Dancehall Act Gilo Ranks Advises Nigerian Youths

In recent times, Ketu has been taking its place as a hub of fast rising music acts.  The streets of Ketu, Alapere, Ikosi, Kosofe and environs are usually a beehive of activities when music acts are displaying their crafts in clubs, restaurants, pepper soup joints etc.

Perhaps one of the biggest names among these is the dancehall act known as Gilo Ranks. A son of the soil, Gilo whose inspiration is Jamaican dancehall star Benie man describes himself as a self-taught dancehall lover who believes that his craft in music is a divine mandate.
With the guidance of some music acts which includes Nigeria’s reggae veteran Ras Kimono, Gilo has taken his music far and wide beyond the confines of his Ketu roots. He also describes Tu Baba (Innocent Idibia) as another artiste who positively influenced him.
“I cannot describe myself as a Ketu or Lagos Island or Ilupeju star because I have admirers across the whole of Nigeria and beyond.”

Gilo who in 2016 won an edition of the Ital Sounds Riddim Clash at the Afrikan Shrine last year says he has a very strong fan base at Isale Eko where he worked for some time before leaving everything for the divine call to go into music. He also has fans at Ilupeju, Lagos.
Gilo at Riddim Clash 2016, Afrika Shrine
Presently in the studio, Gilo says he has cooked a lot of songs which he will be dishing out to the public soon. Some of the songs have been interesting air play across the broadcast media and online. Gilo describes Nigerian youths as the true future of tomorrow and implores them to put in their best in all they do and never believe in anything less than what is good for them.

He urged them not to allow themselves to be used as tools for evil doers as some politicians are known to have used youths in criminality prior and after elections. He urged them to realize that nothing good comes easy. However with hardwork, persistence and GOD, the future is assured.

He charges them to always believe in themselves as that is the only way the future can belong to them. He says his songs are about love, togetherness, life and much more. His songs are on the internet on the following link 

Guguru Fm...LIVE

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