Oleesa Hits The Airwaves With "I Am Healed".

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Oleesa Hits The Airwaves With "I Am Healed"

Fast rising gospel minister, song writer and singer from Nigeria, Oleesa Isaac Anyakwo has released another single following the release of Hiding place which was a massive success. According to Oleesa, the new song is not just another song as it is a divinely arranged song that is filled with healing powers which he hopes would be shared to the whole world to have a piece of.

Oleesa shares, “This new single is titled I AM HEALED. There are songs you only hear in prayer, in the spirit. This song initially started as a chorus, “Heal me now, heal me now,” I was having a flu one day in school and then my roomies where telling me to go buy drugs or go to the school hospital, I did not have the money to do all of that, I climbed on my bed bent my face down and prayed and then it started, “a cry from my heart, Father, heal me now,”  I woke up the next morning with no symptom, no illness, bubbling full of life, and then I knew there was something about a heart cry, this was four years ago, Years of learning and teaching and studying of the word, I realized that we do not need to say ”Heal me now, We only have to declare that we are healed,” because the bible says “By His Stripes we are healed”…Isa 53:5. Isa 53:5 was  the  scripture that followed me from when I was 8 years old till when I had an appendectomy operation done, it was not diagnosed early, I was being treated for malaria/typhoid by some doctors then, until I was bloated and looking like I was going to die, my pry school teacher, Mr ABA (RIP), kept reading that scripture (Isa 53:5) to me in the hospital and I was taken to another hospital (St Nicholas) and then was diagnosed and God took over from there. People told me that divine healing has ceased, that there is nothing like it, that its not realistic, but that was a lie from the pit of hell, I believed and held on to my faith that as long as God lives, Divine healing is real.” The song was produced by IBK, mixed and mastered by Mr Wols.
Oleesa started singing at the age of 5 in the junior church of the Redeemed Christian Church of GOD - The City of Refuge parish Pedro Lagos. He is the president of Tour Ministries International, a ministry involved in giving to the poor and Worship Music concerts to spread the Gospel of Jesus. He is a trained Physiotherapist from the College of Medicine, Lagos University teaching hospital LUTH Idiaraba Lagos.
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