POETRY : Tope Is Going To Work Again by Kingsley Momoh

Tope is going to walk again
She will be relieved of these pains
that have made her sometimes say
"wahala yi ti poju jore

She will come on the altar to say
GOD na you make me dey stand today
You have been there,since tay tay
You are the Ancient of days

Nigeria and the world would say
Indeed, GOD has made a way
5 million was like 20 years away
All that has become history today 

So make your contributions
from your own financial protrusions
Whether million, thousand, hundred or tens
We shall break this Jericho fence

Make Tope walk again,
Sorry, make her fly again
Tope is a great name
Making her walk again is the game

You still have a part to play in making Tope walk again. The number is moving closer to the 5million naira target by the day however your contribution can make the difference. Tope is grateful and hopeful that in no time, she will be standing kakaraka.


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