POETRY: For Tope, You and Us

For Tope, You and Us - Kingsley Momoh

Though the wind might blow
taking with it everything to and fro
One thing will surely not go
the strength of GOD that has been your hope

You are an epistle of strength
there is hope, no matter the length
any adversity might lave been
miracles are not just in dreams

Her strength within
gradually losing it to fear it seems
but the power of faith in you
tells you there is nothing GOD cannot do

She has been strong and bold
She doesn't have to be like this till old
She deserves our support
in many ways to remove her from the spot


She will clap her hands and praise GOD
the one who brought you and her to this world
For his pleasure
That's a great treasure

She will be happy
move in a snappy
to do all she always wanted
Since she has been stunted

When Tope walks again
She will also be relieved of pain
That is a big gain
And to the enemies...SHAME


Guys, Tope still needs our help. The guys who are leading this campaign announced they have gotten over 2.7m. There is still about 2.3m left. Be part of this. GOD bless you.

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