LASU Graduate Needs Your Help To Walk Again

Don't be left out of this exciting and honourable task. More and more people are joining this.

Are you cool with giving for a good cause? If Yes, I have one for you; a very good one. There is a Popoola Temitee who is a good friend of mine (please note this, she no send me this message o!). Ever since I have known her, she has walked with difficulty - bent. The bent I mean is that she literally walked with difficulty and bent like she had a hunch (but she doesn't). Anyway, sometime back, miraculously,she came out from a surgery standing normally, walking normally and even gan paa paa, she could drive a car. However, recent information is that one of the metallic plates that was affixed in her to achieve all those exploits got damaged and my dear Tope can't do what she used to do any longer!
She can't stand right now. And not just that; she is also in pains! - physical and emotional pains. It's best imagined.
lady called Temitope
Tope shall stand again.

Now the deal is this. I want you to be of help to Tope, Give your support to have her stand again. She needs 5 million naira and I can tell you that donations so far is close to 3million naira.
Be part of this cause because it is a worthy one. Try my style and see if it would help you donate.
Instead of getting a 500 recharge card, make it 400 and save the 100 for Tope. You can apply that to many other aspects and you would have also sacrificed in some ways to make her walk again.
Tope is a kind hearted fellow who despite her conditions shares love with all she meets. Her level of activities while in her bent state was alarming challenging. She has a smile for everyone and wasn't a sorry sight and is still not. She is responsible, intelligent and a powerful speaker.
She has a lot more to contribute to the society with her standing on her feet.
Please part of this.

Join the FB group #MakeTopeWalkAgain.
Donations should be paid into the account below.
Account No.: 1004384095
Account name: Popoola Temitope
Zenith Bank.
And also on gofundme

Give and it shall be given unto you, good measures, pressed down and shaken together and running over shall men give unto thy bossom!!!

Imagine that blessing !

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