A Thousand Way To Dance 2016 Unveiled

Gbemisola Momoh - Abeokuta

The organizers of the biggest dance event that ever happened in Ogun state, Dvibes Entertainment has finally unveiled the date of the 2016 edition of A Thousand Ways To Dance, tagged ATW2D - Reloaded. The event which last year changed the mindset of dance shows in the rock city has seen much more followers since.
Speaking to Guguru Fm in Abeokuta this morning, the convener, Charles Owajoba revealed that this year's event promises to surpass the record breaking and setting feat the 1st edition created last year. Furthermore, Owajoba disclosed that this edition will work on what the teeming followers of ATW2D are clamouring for and definitely bring it to bear.
Speaking on ATW2D reloaded, entertainment guru and President Guguru FM, Kingsley Momoh who was one one of the judges at the premier edition noted that for Guguru FM to still be with ATW2D tells you of the belief in the dreams of the organizers. He said last year, the event actually took the whole of Abeokuta by storm and a lot of students were seen trekking home after the event late in the evening because an event of that magnitude was not expected in Abeokuta which is reputed to be a quiet town. "we are with Dvibes and ATW2D 100% just like I know that other brands are jostling to be part of the dream". And coming on board this year are top coys like Connect Nigeria, The Glam House - owners of Talk Radius online magazine among others.
Branded tee shirts and other souvenirs have suddenly taken over the campus and as it is, this is the most publicized event ever in the history of the university. The event is scheduled to hold on the 9th of March, 2016 with what Charles Owajoba describes as storm. If you seek for something that you have never seen before in dance entertainment, ATW2D reloaded is what you have been waiting for.

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