How Do We Know Which Broadcast Message To Ignore?


Indeed, we receive all sorts of messages via the social media which many times seem very interesting, comprehensive and believable.
However, investigations have come to show that it is not all of these messages which many times end with "COPIED" "SENT AS RECEIVED", "YOU MAY BE SAVING SOMEONE'S LIFE", "THERE IS NO HARM IN PASSING IT", "SEND TO YOUR FAMILY, FRIENDS AND LOVED ONE" etc that should be passed on or broadcast. It always seem wise to pass some of these messages along especially as "it doesn't cost a thing or does any harm".
Then think about this, imagine a young man going for a job interview somewhere in Ikorodu getting a whatsapp message from 'a loved one' informing thus:

"Ikorodu" is boiling right now! Inform your friends and family not to go there today as cultists have taken over the streets and are secretly killing anyone in sight. Sent as received. Please pass on because you may be saving someone's life.

Such a man may just ascribe bad luck or say it is his enemies that are after him  as he would consider other activities and hope the interview will not hold and postponed as a result of the reported killings or he would just consider it a lost opportunity because he wouldn't want to dare enter the Badoo land all because of a job. 

The bible passage that a living dog is better than a dead lion would take full control of his system at such a time. The next day he discovers that the information sent to him by his very good friend was false and the interview held.

It has been also discovered that many prefer to send the messages as they believe that it does no harm in sending as the apparatus of verifying such claims may not be in their control.
Whichever way we stand, there should always be a second thought to the information we allow ourselves to be a sender of  on social media because the after effect is usually awesome.

See this message about malaria drugs which I am nearly 100 % sure you never found out how true it is and  maybe you also sent it too [ I did the 1st time I saw it too].
The picture below is a disclaimer which seem to have emanated from the United states of America's FDA.

Please I just got this now and kindly forward to your African relatives.
The list of drugs against malaria removed from the market in the European Union.
The underlisted drugs have been proven to be dangerous and are the origin of kidney failure that kills spontaneously.
Listed are designation, form unit and laboratory manufacturer of these drugs.
1. Alaxin 60mg tablet (dihydroartémisinine) B / 8 gvs labs
2. Alaxin oral suspension (dihydroartémisinine) FL / 80ml gvs labs
3. Amodiaquine 200mg compressed B / 1000 cipla
4. Amodiaquine 200mg compressed B / 1000 mannesh
5. Arinate 100mg tablet (artésunate) B / 6 dafra Pharma
6. Arinate 50 mg tablet (artésunate) B / 6 dafra Pharma
7. Arsumax 50 mg tablet (artésunate) B / 12 Sanofi - Aventis
8. Artemax 60 mg tablet (dihydroartémisinine) B / 8 g.a Pharmaceuticals
9. Artémédine 40 mg capsule (artemether) B / 12 kunmung
10. Artémédine 50 mg tablet (artemether) B / 12 kunmung
11. Artenam 50 mg tablet (artemether) B / 14 qualifar
12. Artenam 60 mg tablet (artemether) B / 8 qualifar
13. Artésiane 300 mg child powder oral suspension (artemether) FL / 38g dafra Pharma
14. Artésunate 100mg compressed B / 120 dafra Pharma
15. Artésunate 50 mg tablet B / 120 dafra Pharma
16. Artexin 60 mg tablet (dihydroartémisinine) B / 8 bdh industries
17. Camoquin 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 9 Pfizer
18. Camoquin 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 25 blisters / 3 Pfizer
19. Camoquin 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 55 blisters / 9 Pfizer
20. Camoquin 200mg tablet (amodiquine) B / 24 Pfizer
21. Camoquin 600 mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 3 Pfizer
22. Camoquin oral suspension 50mg / 5ml (amodiaquine) FL / 60ml Pfizer
23. Cotecxin oral suspension (dihydroartémisinine) FL / 80ml cotec
24. Cotecxin 60 mg tablet (dihydroartémisinine) B / 8 cotec
25. Daraprim tablet (pyriméthamine) B / 30 GlaxoSmithKline
26. Falcinil 50mg tablet (artésunate) B / 12 cipla
27. Flavoquine oral suspension 50mg / 5ml (amodiaquine) FL / 90ml Sanofi-Aventis
28. Flavoquine 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 16 Sanofi-Aventis
29. Flavoquine 200mg tablet (amodiaquine) B / 240 Sanofi-Aventis
30. Gunate strong tablet (artésunate) B / 6 gvs labs
31. Tvitter powder oral suspension (artemether) FL / 100ml gvs labs
32. Halfan 250mg tablet (halofantrine) B / 6 GlaxoSmithKline
33. Halfan 250mg tablet (halofantrine) B / 120 GlaxoSmithKline
34. Halfan oral suspension 5mg / 5ml (halofantrine) FL / 45ml GlaxoSmithKline
35. Malartin 200mg tablet (artésunate) B / 6 Tri-health
36. Malartin 50 mg tablet (artésunate) B / 12 Tri-health
37. mmh-malarex 450 mg capsule (peschiara fuchsiaefolia) B / 20 ropack
38. Paludrine 100mg tablet (proguanil) B / 56 Astra Zeneca
39. Plasmotrim 200mg tablet (artésunate) B / 25 blisters / 6 mepha
40. Plasmotrim 200mg tablet (artésunate) B / 6 mepha
41. Plasmotrim 50 mg lactab (artésunate) B / 12 mepha
42. Plasmotrim 50 mg lactab (artésunate) B / 25 blisters / 6 mepha.
You can save your life and that of others by not stocking any drug that contains any of these substances:
Thank you to know this information and send also to those around you, it can save lives. Forwarded as received pls.

How do we really verify even the disclaimer?


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Olawale Yakubu said...

i just got the malaria msg, there has to be a way to verify.

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