D'Priest Wants Us To Pray

Here comes a brand new soul lifting single by one of Nigeria's multi-talented gospel singerD'PRIEST, titled : "Let's Pray".

D'PRIEST is a music minister, song writer, performing artiste, praise and worship leader. He hails from Abia state. Born into a family of 5, he began his singing at a very young age of 7 in the children choir of his parents' church.

    D'PRIEST is a super guitarist, a mega awards nominee, and also a graduate from the university of calabar. He has shared the stage with the likes of great gospel minister like Mike Abdul, Eben, Joe Praize, Obi Shine, Efe Nathan, chris Shallom, Frank Edwards and many more. 

D'PRIEST is happily married with a beautiful daughter. No matter the situation you are passing through, D'PRIEST is saying let's pray because prayer changes things.
 Download, enjoy and share the soul lifting song below.

 Let's  Pray Lyrics by D'PRIEST

What a friend we have in Jesus,
 all our sins and griefs to bare...

**Verse 1**
I heard you cry last night, 
you deprived yourself of sleep,
I don't know what the matter is, 
common take my hands and let's pray...
 It doesn't matter what the matter is
Get on your knees and pray in faith,
 my God will come thru for you...
Oh what needless pains you bare, 
all because you do not pray...
Oh what needless pains you carry everywhere
 all because you do not pray...
I love you Jesus!

Kpoya chukwu nogha za, nogha za,
Jesus Na za ekpere (×2)

**Verse 2**
Cos in Jesus name, every trouble fly,
 brother man don't you worry, 
cos worry doesn't change anything...
Though the mountains high, 
and the valleys low,
 put your trust in God
 he will come thru for you...
Oh what needless pains you bare,
 all because you do not pray...
Ebezinna nwanne, 
Na chukwu Nonso
Call his name,
 he will answer when you call

***Repeat Chorus***
Are you feeling down
When you can pray
God is never late,
 he's not a man to lie
Morning noon and night
Everywhere you go,
 doesn't matter what you see,
 faith is the victory
Get on your knees and pray
On your knees you meet the need,
 brother man let's pray
Prayer is the key

Let's pray (×3),
 prayer will open doors
Kpoya onwan nuo tutu le...
Nwanne otu onye
Jesus Na za ekpere
Kpo ya  (×3)
Jesus Na za ekpere

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