Guguru Fm Witnesses Brutality: Police Shoots Teenager Attack Okada Riders With Cutlass In Lagos

The bad eggs in the employ of the Nigeria police on Sunday 23rd of October showcased their inadequacies once again shooting in the leg a teenager and attacking another with cutlass.  The incident occurred on Omojuwa Street, the result of the whole palaver has the teenager in a critical condition at the National Orthopaedic hospital, Igbobi, Lagos. Now you would be wondering how true this story is but Guguru FM's eagle eyed reporter Mesor Osike was live at the scene of the incident.

The police team obviously were on a mission to arrest okada riders who were operating on Omojuwa street, Kosofe Bus stop close to the expressway by First Bank situated along the Ikorodu Road. At a point, the riders were said to have been defiant to the officers of the law and this must have infuriated the police men who suddenly brought out cutlasses from their patrol vans and were using it to chase the riders. It was at that point that Samuel Omojuwa among other residents who thought the brouhaha was becoming a nuisance to the environment urged the policemen not to harm residents and other innocent persons.

Samuel's elder brother was immediately attacked by one of the policemen with cutlass thereby giving him cuts while Samuel who oblivious of what fate had in store for him bent down to lace his shoes. On standing upright, he got shot in the leg by one of the policemen named Inspector Gboyega.

 On seeing their crime (error as others term it), the police men, dragged Samuel on the tarred street for a distance of about 200 meters while he cried out in pain. Other residents who saw the act ran to the scene but before they could get to the spot, Samuel had been taken away to Ketu police station where it was discovered that he had been labelled by the patrol team as a criminal tagging him with dangerous weapons.

They didn't provide any medical attention despite the gravity of the injury suffered by the innocent youngster.

Trust us to follow up on this issue.

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