FEATURE: Ambrose Alli & Denied Justice

Do you remember this Legend of Bendel?

He is Professor Ambrose Folorunsho Alli, the Ezomo of Ekpoma. He was Governor of Bendel state (now Edo and Delta states) from October 1979 - October 1983. He was arrested and brutalized by Buhari's illegal military government and then sentenced for forever in prison for developing Bendel State and that HE DECIDED TO PUSH FOR RESOURCE CONTROL and creation of additional LGAs for Edo and Delta States at the time when it was forbidden to talk about the subject. Till date he is still officially a felon with successive governments looking the other way round when it comes to matters of Alli who founded AAU, Delsu, Ekiadolor, and about 200 institutions across Edo and Delta States. There is no one living who can genuinely hold a guilt against Ambrose Alli for either corruption or ineptitude but Buhari jailed him and his VERDICT OF GUILTY has not been liefted. The Family of Alli has informed me that they want that verdict to be cancelled. they want JUSTICE for the innocent. If you asked me, that is not asking for too much.
Since 2013 I have been on this matter. I shall not relent until justice is done. An injury to one is an injury to all. Next month, September 22, it would be 25 Years of Ambrose Alli's death and on that same day, he would have been 85 years old had Buhari not unlawfully, maliciously and wickedly incriminated jailed him after several trials that declared him guiltless were rejected by this same Buhari, leading to his untimely death at 60. The Professor of Medicine and former Governor of Bendel State died on his 60th birthday.
I raise this Post in deep pains, in Tribute to Ambrose Alli and to urge Edo and Delta States Governments to do something URGENTLY to honour the memory of this good man who gave up his life for the love of his people - now Edo and Delta States. And on that day, I urge the Edo State and Delta State govenments to ensure that the cloak of FELON that is currently used to wrap him even in death after 25 years shall be removed from the head of this man who is one of the best governors that have governed Nigeria. The Family rightly believs that a good name is better than riches hence they are seeking for justice, NOT PARDON, after 25 years. Please let us support them.
Show your Solidarity to this Cause to this Legend by LIKING & SHARING this post in both Edo and Delta States forums until it gets the desired attention of the governments and the people of these states and they do something.
There is something else you can do. Pick up your telephone and call the Senator representing the Edo Central Disctrict, Senator Odion Ugbesia and urge him to Move a motion to REMOVE THE VERDICT OF GUILTY FROM AMBROSE ALLI WHO TIME AND EVENTS HAVE REVEALED THAT HE WAS INNOCENT.
The Senator is a public officer and it is his duty to join His Excellency to fight for Alli. Call or SMS Senator Clifford Ordia these numbers 0803 840 3877, 0 806 631 1223 NOW, please!.
It is well!

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