NYSC Shouldn't Be Cancelled - Bukola Lawal

Kingsley Momoh

The author of this story is presently a corps member of the national youth service corps.  She is originally from Ondo State but a Lagos bred who had her higher institution in Ogun state and is now doing her mandatory service in Bauchi State Nigeria. She is into many good things. One of which is an NGO  called Dorcas foundation which is exemplarily targeted to save and channel the lives of young people to the right path.
In this era of terrorism, kidnapping and religious intolerance, she has an uncommon notion about the northern part of the country and the national youth service corps. She thinks the northern part of Nigeria deserves better in formal education, something that the Boko Haram extremists are against.  Her desire to see positivity in all she does made her venture to Bauchi for her youth service which ordinarily many who have lived all their lives in the south west would not like to dream of. In a facebook post she expressed her experience which indeed sends a lot of message to others whose phobia for northern Nigeria is at the highest. Her name is Oluwabukolami Oluwatosin Lawal.

NYSC Shouldn't Be Cancelled - Oluwabukolami Lawal
So orientation camp Kangere Bauchi was the first place I met people who didn't understand anything at all in Yoruba. 
One of my roomies argued a lot, I met many abokis who wanted to marry me(lol), also go to hear different dialects, many tribes. 
I saw their way of thinking, understood their ideologies, backgrounds, how they are who they are, how somebody doesn't eat certain foods because in his community, it's just bad to serve such.

I got to love Fura or nunu and fried egg in fried yam and coconut with dates. 

Then my babyish roomie and mummyish me. Lol!
I especially love the language part and I enjoy speaking Hausa I'm not so good at.
And I met students who don't speak English in school, mehn its hard to communicate.

But you see I enjoy all these and in our little way some of us are providing solutions to some of these challenges. I enjoy being in Bauchi because of NYSC. 
It shouldn't be cancelled.

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