EDITORIAL: Agiliti Crisis And Systematic Approach To Solution

Clashes of interests in cities where there are multi ethnic businessmen and women is not news per se, chances are that there would be conflicts once in a while because the resources available may never be enough to go round or satisfy them all. Hence, various ways of checking disputes have been created by security experts, community leaders, religious leaders and other stakeholders. However, it is important to note that the steps at settling the disputes differ from clime to clime.

If the Lagos state government is going to get a long lasting solution to the crisis at Agiliti, it should send in plain clothes investigators to mingle with residents and other stakeholders in Agiliti, Mile 12 and close environs to have clear feel of the situation and not just rely on the words of community leaders and residents who have been infiltrated with the bias bug which rules Agiliti and beyond right now.

From investigations of Guguru FM, the crisis has polarized the residents and the yorubas feel the northerners are over using their citizenship of the federal republic of Nigeria with their effrontery at fighting their 'hosts' (the Yorubas) while they ( the northerners) feel the Yorubas are trying to reduce their citizenship and freedom to second class.

The blame game continues among the onlookers who by their discussions fan the violence stylishly. Meanwhile, hoodlums have taken the situation into their hands as a means of settling old scores against rivals and enemies.

While most of the news reports Friday night was that normalcy was returning back to the community, none reported that there was burning of buildings Friday afternoon and there was still some physical clashes of rival groups on Friday evening.

Adjoining streets like Omojuwa street by First bank along the Ikorodu road should have had the presence of security personnel but there was none there as at 9pm Friday. The local security guards were seen alone. The street serves as an alternative route into areas close to the crisis spots and could be used by hoodlums as an avenue to bypass the security officials whose presence are felt more at the entrances to Agiliti and environs.

The government must rise up to the occasion to prevent further loss of lives and properties. The federal republic of Nigeria belongs to all is a belief only heard in the media, is it true?

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