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When we predicted that Binta Ofege is an award winning material, we indeed must have peeped into the future in our story in this link And now it has come to pass.

Abiodun Jimoh, the prolific writer and producer of Kilanta the award winning yoruba soap shown across the globe has hit it big once again. This time at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards (AMVCA) 2016 via Binta Ofege - a movie he co-produced with his protégée who is also an actress and winner of best upcoming actress award (Next Rated) at the 2015 Tush awards, Jumoke Odetola.
Binta Ofege was nominated as the best indigenous Yoruba movie.
Binta Ofege features Femi Adebayo, Joseph Benjamin, Francis Onwochei and Ireti Osayemi among other stars. Movie pundits describe the movie as one that exhibits the potency of the new generation of Nigerian movie producers, particularly of the Yoruba genre. Binta Ofege is centered on Binta ( Jumoke Odetola) a con artiste who marries (Ligali) Femi Adebayo; a trickster which further enlarges their business empire. The movie takes you on a ride of hilarious exploits and con activities.

Jimoh while talking to Kingsley Momoh, said that the nomination was a pleasant surprise noting that it was a movie in the line of many more to come from the stable of Prodigy and pens communications. He added that getting nominated is a good sign to him particularly for the fact that it is coming from Africa Magic which overtime has built a reputation across Africa and globally. AMVCA has grown to become the biggest platform for movie producers in Africa.
Aggregating the nomination to God, Jimoh noted that the nomination has only pointed a fact to him; when you work hard, you will get rewarded. He said that getting nominated is winning for him yet, it would be interesting to have the plaque in his kitty. Hence, he urged fans, friends and family to vote massively for Binta Ofege as the best indigenous Yoruba movie.
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