Season of Love - Debola

Debola Franklin-Okhai

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I have always wondered quietly and sometimes aloud, what if Jesus had not gone through Samaria and met with that woman by the well, I am sure she would have gone ahead to have ten husbands or more than that. What if? Oh What if? But out of love, out of compassion, out of mercy, Jesus Christ just had to go through Samaria.
The woman, unnamed in the bible had gone to get water at the well at noon,the hottest hour of the day, she must have been shamed with her lifestyle, being married five times and even unmarried to the one she's living with, there must have been a vacuum or an emptiness she was trying to fill, thirsty and yearning for something unreal or possibly a role or position to fit in, apparently looking for that one thing all wrapped up in one content, but in it all, she was not fulfilled. For each venture,{I call it that, because five is no play}, she was practically being exposed, naked and broken, open to disappointments, heartbreak, and always warring within herself to get it right.
Fulfillment does not come from that career, that job, that marriage, that venture, the long awaited and awarded contracts, the wealth, the affluence, the position, neither does it come from the accredited and acclaimed certification or qualification. Fulfillment comes when the love of God which is the word of God is so engraved in the tablets of your heart that it propels you {like Miss Clara in “War Room”} to do nothing but His will. It was not out of compulsion that Jesus had to pass through Samaria, Jesus had to take that route because of the love and the necessity to God's will{but He needed to go through Samaria, John 4:4}. That woman would have been married to several other men, still searching for that one thing, and her life would still be completely  shattered, be broken and unfulfilled. The Love. The Need. The Compassion. The Mercy. The same love that made Jesus Christ die on the cross of Calvary just so we could live. Phew, sometimes I wonder!
It is Christmas. Some believe in Christmas and some do not. I love Jesus Christ and I love Christmas, I sure do love Christmas, and since Jesus Christ is the reason for the season, Love should be shared and shed abroad now and always. This season, show some love to all, show some love to that shamed person, that lonely depressed man down the street might just need a word or embrace to lighten up his face, or maybe it's that one person who's had an eventful year full of crisis, trials, betrayals, moments of grief and only needs that love, an affirmation and assurance that all will be well. Remember, as soon as she poured out her heart to the Lord and how thirsty she was for the living water, and Jesus showing the love and affirming that, look lady, I am the living water, her face brightened up and she could not hold the joy, she could not hold the truth but ran back to town to tell all about a man who through no crystal ball divination or consultation had told her everything about her life, then she felt changed.

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