Young & Cerebral Radio Show Presents A Cooking Competition

We know you can stand the heat. We know you're a creative
cook. And indeed, you've got a fast burner. But you've
never been in a cooking contest like ours.

Starting from June 8th – July 8th, we dare you to compete
for honour, respect and prize as you unlock your cooking
skills and slice your way through to the finals in the 1st
Young & Cerebral Cooking Contest.
3 cooks with sterling performances will get Fridges, Cooker
Ovens, Burners, Gas Cylinders, Sets of Cutlery, Set of Pots
and yes an Internship placement plus a business
development program.
To participate in this cooking contest, here are the 6 simple
1. Make certain you are aged between 18 - 35 years
2. Make certain you are a Nigerian and you live in Nigeria
3. Like/Follow Young & Cerebral Facebook, Twitter &
Instagram pages for updates
4. Upload a 5 minute video of the food you prepared
yourself with details of recipe used on youtube.comyoun
gandcerebral (Use your phone plus good lighting. You need
to make certain it is finally edited to 5 minutes including the
beginning, middle and ending stages)
5. Ensure this meal has not been presented at a previous
cooking contest
6. Have a friend objectively critic the food you prepared.
Make a video recording of your friend’s feedback after
tasting your food.
7. Get other friends to comment on and like your YouTube
Scores are based on;
1. Food preparation 2.Presentation 3.Wow factor
4.Objective criticism from friend
5. General appearance 6.Neatness 7. Artistic quality
Now, we look forward to seeing those yummy videos.
Keep your knives sharpened.

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