Femi Adebayo Weds Jumoke Odetola In A Con World

Odetola & Adebayo
Gbemisola Momoh - Lagos

Pictures of popular actor Femi Adebayo and Nollywood starlet, Jumoke Odetola went viral on the internet garnished with different stories prominent among which is that the duo were an item. Judging from the the scarcity of distance between them in the pictures on which one had them both in attires made from same material.
Femi Adebayo has made a huge mark in the movie world in the yoruba speaking angle of Nollywood and has been linked to some ladies in the industry. And now with pictures of him with Jumoke Odetola roaming the social media, it was hard to disbelieve that anything different from the two being an item of love was happening.
Odetola & Adebayo
However, Guguru FM can authoritatively confirm that the pictures are from scenes in an upcoming movie titled BINTA OFEGE, written by Abiodun Jimoh and directed by Okiki Afolayan.While speaking to Kingsley Momoh, Abiodun Jimoh informed us that the movie is something the world should watch out for.
Produced by the duo of Abiodun Jimoh and Jumoke Odetola, the movie is an exciting fast paced and highly entertaining Crime Drama, Femi Adebayo,a trickster meets Jumoke Odetola, a con artiste by fate. The duo took advantage of the fortuitous meeting, got married to con the world. Ligali (Femi) and Binta (Jumoke) take us on a train of dramatic, hillarious and innovative con events. Watch out for the film BINTA OFEGE to get the full story. The flick also features nollywood megastar Joseph Benjamin, Francis Onwochei and Ireti Osayemi etc. This movie from all indications is an award winning material. Hopefully, when it is released, it would tell of class and style.

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