The Unknown Ekiti Electoral Massacre Revealed

Election blues. The Nigeria political atmosphere is getting interesting daily. I am so sure that the leakage of this recording which obviously was done with the intention to keep a record of this 'transaction' is an indication that election issue in Nigeria is a serious game of 'serious' planning.

This story was culled from Sahara Reporters.

How Obanikoro, Fayose, Chris Uba And Brig. General Momoh Rigged Ekiti Governorship Election In Collusion With The Nigerian Army

The 37-minute recording details the conversation between these PDP leaders and politicians as they bribed Brigadier General Momoh with a promotion for his assistance in carrying out election fraud in Ekiti. In it, Obanikoro is clearly heard informing the group of men, “[I] am not here for a tea party, am on special assignment by the President.” 

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