Valerino: Guitarist Extraordinaire; The Pride Of Etsako


Gbemi Momoh - Lagos

Valerino Osigbemhe { Rino} was born in Auchi, Edo State of Nigeria in West Africa. He started as a drummer in his late dad’s band {Late Gen. Bolivia Osigbemhe} at the age of 11. When his father died, he learned to play the guitar, which he now does in a manna that will make Jimmy Hendrix smile in his grave, and provoke Carlos Santana to seek Nigerian citizenship. He has played in numerous popular venues throughout Nigeria, including The French Cultural Centre in Lagos, Nimbus, The Shell Club in Port-Harcourt, at the global event of 100 thousand poets and musicians for change held in Abuja the Nigeria capital, etc Valerino released an album titled AAIGBAGIEMHE and is currently working on his next album, with the working title of ANACONDA. Talking about Anaconda; what comes to people’s mind is one big snake that is commonly found in the forest of South America. Lol! ANACONDA is just a love song that has a lot of classical guitar dexterity and powerful lyrical hooks which his fans see as comic and entertaining! He is very jovial and easy going. Valerino is a music producer, Song writer, inventor; He also got a degree in audio Engineering. He is one of the best audio engineers you can find in Nigeria. He’s got another single titled GIANT that is making wave in the country. The song is about the greatest of all African countries. You better imaging being a citizen of such a country. The song is also used as a theme song for one of the NTA News24 programs called “I Nigerian on air” showing every Friday as from 8:30 pm before the network news. FB: Valerino Osigbemhe 

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