Abeokuta Rocks As ATW2D Hits The Rock City

Gbemi Momoh
The heat in the hilly city of Abeokuta is hotter than ever and indeed, it is not as a result of the coming elections but because of what seems to be the most talked about event to ever hold at the federal university of Agriculture located in the city - A thousand ways to dance.
Branded tee shirts and other sourvenirs have suddenly taken over the campus and as it is, this is the most publicized event ever in the history of the university. 
And just like the organizers said that they hope it will set a landmark by changing the lives of many dancers and enthusiasts at FUNAAB and other major cities around Abeokuta, Ogun State; lives are already being changed.
The objectives of A THOUSAND WAYS TO DANCE include showcasing students’ skills in areas of dance, music and comedy; test dancers’ understanding of important dancing skills; equip participants with knowledge of emerging trends in the entertainment industry; provide a platform of interaction and collaboration between youths of different institutions of learning and professionals Dancers.
A THOUSAND WAYS TO DANCE apart from dance will also include comedy, and music performances by up and coming artistes and established acts.  There will also be a fashion show and red carpet interviews.
The following establishments have expressed their interest in the show or given support. These include Reamii.com, Oojaa.com, Sparkle Music, Glam House, Funaab Radio, Music Café TV, 7log6Clothing, TM Clothing, Tomadex Prints and Guguru fm.

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