With this show, I intend adding injury to the insult we have given to democracy(quote me if you like). “I just dey look” That is the exact words I use when I realize that the thing don dey pass my power (things have gotten out of my control) and I really do not know what to do that will make the situation different.
For example (in fact, not for example, it is for real), the political climate in Nigeria is something else. The weather report for the climate in Nigeria would be something like “the situation is funny mixed with a lot of restive cloud floating from the south-south and a heavy mist of violence stationed in the northern eastern part. The weather in the west is threatening peedicious though the haypicious clouds still adamantly prevalent”.

The whole nation is enmeshed with various aspirants who are gladly and subtly exhibiting their civil rights of standing for political offices. Some ministers have resigned in pursuit of political happiness while others are obviously giving their desires the final thoughts before coming out publicly. The truth is that, 2015 promises to be fun for political watchers despite various predictions that it could be the ignition for 3rd world war, the last straw that will break the back of Nigeria, the end of the dominance of PDP at the federal level, the return of a president from the north and many more.

However, going by history, it is easy (very easy) to predict what will not happen in Nigeria prior, during and after the 2015 general elections. It has always been predictions of all sorts coming from even the pulpits about what laid ahead for Nigeria prior presidential elections in1983,1993, 2003, 2007 and of course, 2011.

A few years back, IBB my military idol came out to lay claim to Aso Rock. I remember in an interview, he claimed that since he could organize the freest and fairest election in Nigeria, then he was the most qualified agent of change Nigeria needed at that point of Nigeria’s political life. Bobs, that sounded scary to me. He even claimed that he knows the problems of Nigeria and how to solve them since he has been there before. Tufiakwa! Na who go use toothbrush wey dey remove teeth brush teeth?

Any way, he has the right to contest and he also has the right to lay claim to anything he so desires but he should know that Nigerians also have the right to say, “we no want you, carry dey go”. Babangida ought to have been hopping from one aeroplane to another on the expense of the United Nations and other international organizations as an envoy just like his military cousin, Abubarkar Abdulsalami (although he had no choice then) who relinquished power to civilians and his military big bros, OBJ (even though he wanted a third term).Babangida ought to be someone Jonathan should be asking for advice on how to steer the Titanic called Nigeria from a collision with icebergs and not to be a rival to him.Babangida would have gotten the support of many Nigerians no doubt, but the blood of those that died due to the June 12 crisis would not have allowed his candidature come to pass. How can?

I know someone who was standing at palmgrove bus stop along Ikorodu road to board a bus but got hit by a stray bullet luckily in his thigh and not his tie. The guy still limps with iron inserted in his thigh to support his damaged bone. He curses IBB every time he climbs a staircase or when he attends his child’s inter house sports competition and cannot participate in the parents’ race.

There are many more that have faced worse situations due to only the June 12 crisis not to talk of those that faced other unpleasant situations during the IBB era. Surprisingly, IBB is still alive to witness more government ills perpetrated by government officials.....to be continued.

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