Pedro Police Barracks: An Example Of The Neglect Of The Nigerian Policeman

Since the 29th of June when a portion of a block of 27 flats at Pedro Police barracks Pedro, Lagos collapsed, nothing has been done about the building or the officers and their families that got displaced as a result of the fiasco. Many of whom became squatters and some live like refugees.

Guguru FM sought to know why the former residents of the building known as block 6 were in such deplorable condition. The general response is that nobody expected to that a challenge like that would surface. Moreover, the cost of acquiring a decent accommodation in Pedro and environs is quite expensive and beyond the reach of the officers whose take home pay is usually spent before received going by the amount of debts on ground.

Guguru FM discovered that the building was built in 70s and it has been a threat however since it was an uncommon thing for the barracks to be rehabilitated, the prayer has always been that the building won't collapse. On the night it eventually did, none of the over 150 residents of the block sustained any form of injury.

Officials of the Lagos State Emergency Agency LASEMA and National Emergency Agency NEMA were on ground early enough to evacuate and admonish the residents.

Respondents told us that the building was reputed to have been lacking in quality unlike other blocks in the barracks. However, due to the poor welfare condition of the policemen, nothing concrete has been done over the years in terms of renovation of the building and others within the barracks since its opening in the 70s.

With the inception of a new police IG, it is expected that something good will come the way of the residents who have now become destitute in the barracks as a result. This incident once again brings to mind the poor state of living the policemen are exposed to in the barracks and generally, the welfare of the men and officers of the Nigeria police which has been a subject of discussion at various fora.

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