Guguru FM Public Service: Scam Alert! This Awaits Your Yahoo Account!

Guguru FM Public Service: Scam Alert! This Scam Awaits Your Yahoo Account! Log in to your peril. Be warned! This type of message is sent to you as a mail and you log in innocently thinking you want to save your account while you are actually giving out your account.

The address of the page for you to verify is as fake as the mail itself

It takes you out of yahoo to a cloned page.

Dont give out your password in anyway.

Guguru FM 


Final Warning! Your account will be terminated

Yahoo Service
To Me

Today at 12:20 AM
Hi  User,

We noticed a suspicious Attempt to your Yahoo account from an unrecognized device on
Wednesday, June 25, 2014
IP Address:
Location: VIETNAM
Your email account has been logged in on another computer.
Your email will be blocked within Hours if you don't verify your account.

You are required to verify your password to continue sending and receiving messages.
RE-Verify to continue receiving messages

If this wasn't you, please follow the links below to keep your Yahoo account safe
Hope you enjoy the newest Yahoo! Mail.
Yahoo! Team.
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