Rough Raw And Right PART 4

Oh my! It was the security system on my neighbour’s car that had the voice and the siren and the last voice I heard! Gosh, una dey see Naija and the challenges we have of security that someone will spend a fortune to serve as security for his car. Moreover, the neighbor who was supposed to be alerted of his car being burgled was sleeping or probably peeping from his window scared of coming out to accost the supposed burglar.
I got back into my flat, took my keys and came out again. This country sef, na wa o.
My phone gain! I quickly picked it. Of course I know you all have an idea why I am now eager to talk to this woman… I also want to add it to my CV that I am not just an ordinary MC but an international one who in fact has anchored a wedding in Canada! Can you beat that? My fee will automatically receive an unprecedented increase that will attract all the men in high places and not forgetting the women too because this one is coming from their kind.
“Hello ma”, I choked into the phone.
“Hello ,it’s Mr Charles your neighbor” went the voice at the other end.
I felt like placing a curse on him. What the hell is he calling me for after putting me through the biggest scare of my life with his so called car security system.
“Yes, what can I do for you?? I managed to ask with the best polite mannerism I could forge at the time out of the anger I felt.
“Please…please, did the thief harm you?”
“What thief?”
“The one who wanted to bugle my car”
“I didn’t see any thief, I was the one who touched your car when I was going back into my flat”
“NO no no, I heard  a voice!”
“You mean it wasn’t you car that said that? Oh my GOD!”…..

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