Charles Novia's 5 Reasons Nigeria Should Not Break Up

Charles Novia
Veteran Nigeria entertainment guru, Charles Novia on Wednesday posted on his Facebook Account why he thinks Nigeria should not break up. Interestingly, these reasons are thought provoking!
My reasons may seem strange or insane to the advocates of dis-integration but despite Boko Haram and having reminisced on some lovely things which bound us in the past and possibly still does, maybe we should remain together to build on them?
1. We should remain together for the 'Kilishi' always sold at the Federal Secretariat, Abuja and which I think also finds it way to the Abuja International Airport. For many years, I make it a point of duty to buy that unique taste of dried peppered meat, brittle but hard. If we seperate, what will now happen na? Eh?
2. The legends of Akwa-Ibom and Cross Rivers women, even as a united country, still makes even the self-professed celibates dance on the thin edge of disavowal. And watching one programme on Ebonylife Television titled 'The Fattening Room' convinces me the more that for the luscious thighs of those Akwa-Cross 'Fattenees', apart from other sterling qualities, Nigeria must remain one! Edikainkong and Afang soups aside, am I the only one who thinks that some of the sexiest dialects in the world can be found in that zone? ( While we are at that, please can someone tell me what 'Cobnomi' means? I keep hearing my Cross Rivers neighbour saying that on the phone most times! )
3. For the hospitality of the Tiv, Idoma and ( I hear) Berom men ( and women too!)to strangers as the myth says, we should remain as one. If you are in the dark about this one, go and carry out your research as I did twenty years ago! *cough, cough*
4. For all the hides and skin in the north, we should stay together o. Where else can we witness a total standstill on expressways or even on municipal roads because of the crossing of live cattle, flogged by herdsmen whose skins are as hard as the leather they flog? Isn't it only in Nigeria that drivers become 'humble' and patient as soon as they come across cows on the road but would become near animals a few minutes later on the road once the road is clear?
5. For the sole reason of The 'Owambe' Parties of the Yoruba Nation, we simply must remain as one. I certainly don't want to miss those 'Pepemrempe Parties' one stumble on most times with flowing 'Agbadas' and exotic 'Buba and iros' with the wriggling hips of the females on the dance floors and the open-mouthed lewdness of their male partners as hands move from heads to hips.
Oh, Nigeria! Make we unite o!
If you have more reasons why we should not break up, oya! Add your own.

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