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Guguru FM (www.gugurufm.blogspot.com), a general information blog dedicated to qualitative information dissemination which has received credible reviews.

Guguru FM is a pilot copy of a media empire set to be fully established. Backed with the zeal, and hunger for qualitative usage of information, the management team of Guguru FM led by Kingsley Momoh is made up of experienced professionals whose desire to beam Nigeria to the globe seems unmatched.

Guguru means popcorn in Yoruba and the vision behind the name is the fact that popcorn itself doesn't look like the corn it was made from. Kingsley said he was astonished the first time he saw the corn that popped to be called popcorn. He likened the power behind his desire to be so great similar to the one that turned a mere corn to a beautiful, ,yummy snack. He believes that it takes only those who understand the strength that turned a corn turn to a wonderful soft and white edible that would believe in the dream. With all the challenges of setting up a media empire with little or no financial backing; He doesn't believe in impossibility.

Furthermore, he pointed out that it also shows how much of energy the team is willing to put into bringing out information which are rare, engaging, entertaining, informative and beneficial.

Guguru FM seeks the support and cooperation of all who are willing to understand that the beginning of any race or endeavour is the start, be it in the sprint or long distance. The one who waits at the starting line and refuses to start until his sports kits are fully available may just miss it as the rules of the game are dynamic. This blog is the beginning for a force that is to be reckoned with in all spheres of life.

Kingsley Momoh (also known as Kcmomoh) is a Journalist, TV Producer, actor, events compere and writer based in Lagos, Nigeria.
As a journalist, Kingsley has worked in different capacities in the broadcast and prints media.
A member of the Nigerian institute of public relations NIPR. He is a management consultant to widely acclaimed dance event in Ogun state tagged : A thousand ways to dance ATW2D among other youth initiatives. 

A man of many parts, Kingsley as an actor has featured in award winning television series like So Wrong, So Wright,  Kilanta?, Comic Relief and some movies.

Kingsley who also teaches in the junior church of a parish of the redeemed Christian church of GOD
He is a father and gratefully and happily married.

He can be reached at kcmomoh@yahoo.com or on +2348033276105
FB: /kcmomoh
Twitter: @kcmomoh
IG: kcmomoh

Rare & engaging interviews and some more by a team of experienced & hungry pen users.