I Am Tired Of Worshiping The Devil - Chris Brown

Chris Brown has said that he is tired of the devil ruining his life.

In a recent Instagram post, the award-winning singer blamed the devil for trying to ruin his life. He also talked about thoughts of suicide and claims he’s heard God speak to him for the very first time.

Here’s exactly what he wrote:“When u tired of the fucking devil ruining your life and u hear God speak for the first time.

No one knows what I deal with on a day to day. The average man wouldn’t hesitate to blow his fucking brains out but that’s the cowards way out… Most won’t understand the genius and beauty in change and learning and the people who have devilish intentions will win in the short term. My soul will always be pure of heart.

Yahoo Girl: Woman Gets Beaten Up For Looking Different From Her Profile Picture

Gbemi Momoh - Lagos

A 32-year-old woman identified as Xiaojin Tuan from China was beaten up by her date Huang Mao after meeting for the first time following exchanges on social network WeChat.
He was so excited about the date that he spent £5,300 on flights to her home city of Suzhou in east China.
Rather than the ‘Goddess’ he was expecting, Huang said he was shocked by the woman’s ‘fat face and spots’.  So he punched her in the face and while she was on the floor, stamped on her.
He said: ‘I knew exactly what she looked like as the image of her face was engrained in my memory. ‘So when this woman came and sat down next to me I was completely shocked.Woman beaten up on first date for looking different from profile picture

‘This woman had a fatter face and acne, completely unlike the woman in the photo.’

His friend, Kong Ho, said: ‘He was very excited about going and when I said it seemed very expensive he replied that love has no price.

‘He kept showing me the woman’s photo and called her his Goddess.
‘He was pretty gutted when he turned up and found out what she really looked like.’

The two then began arguing as he accused her lying and deceiving him before he punched her in the face and stamped on her when she fell to the floor.

Staff quickly broke the fight up and the pair were arrested.
A police spokesman said: ‘The couple were detained and then woman was given medical treatment.

‘She has decided not to press charges and they parted on friendlier terms although both vowed never to do online dating again.’

German Man Gives Birth to Baby Boy In The UK

It was delivered with the help of a midwife in the Neuk├Âlln area of Berlin. On government records the new father, who is transgender, is registered as a man. This makes him the first male in Germany to give birth, Berlin newspapers reported on Monday. He reportedly became pregnant through a sperm donation. Officially the child does not have a mother, only a father. The case is reminiscent of transgender Thomas Beatie who has given birth to three children in the US. 

A Berlin man has become the first in Germany to give birth to a baby. He identifies as male, but has a female reproductive system. The baby boy was born on September 13th this year in a home birth, as hospitals are required to write the name of the mother in their records when a child is born.

Transgender people are able to give birth to children because even when a woman undergoes hormone therapy to become more physically masculine, they can retain female organs.


Born Tracy Lehuanani LaGondino, Beatie was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawaii, the first of two children. His mother was from San Francisco, and of English, Irish, Scottish, and Welsh descent. His father, of Korean and Filipino decent, was born and raised in Hawaii. As a teenager, Beatie was a female model and Miss Teen Hawaii USA pageant finalist. He appeared regularly on the nationally televised aerobics workout series and video, Basic Training with Ada Janklowicz, and later became a competitive bodybuilder.

 In 1996, Beatie graduated from the University of Hawaii with a bachelor’s degree in Health Science (Pre-med) and later pursued an Executive MBA. In 1997, he founded Define Normal, a progressive clothing company, which has since expanded in federal trademark to film and video production. He competed in full-contact fighting and was a black belt and tournament champion in Taekwondo.
Gender transition and marriage
At the age of 10, Beatie started to self-identify with the male gender. At 23 years old, he began testosterone hormone treatment to transition to living life as a man.

Bobby Feels His Presence Would Have Saved His Late Daughter

Bobby and Whitney In The Days Of Yore
Bobby Brown has said he believes things would have turned out differently for Bobbi Kristina Brown if he had been with his daughter days before she was found unresponsive in her home in Atlanta. The singer is due to speak publicly for the first time since Bobbi Kristina’s death in July, appearing on Fox’s talk show The Real. Bobby became emotional several times in video clips released in advance. Bobbi Kristina, 22, died in hospice care on July 26. She was found face-down and unresponsive in a bath on January 31. He said he thinks Whitney was ready for their daughter to be with the singer “in heaven”. Bobby said he prayed for months that Bobbi Kristina would survive.

Iyanya Blows Hot - I Have No Friend!

Kukere Master and ex project fame winner, Iyanya has described himself as a lone ranger going by his post on instagram a few hours back.
He posited that the people he called friendds are the same people who sell him out to bloggers to feast on with stories which are baseless. He noted that he has over the years grown stronger in life following the demise of his family members.

Below is his post:

“So many people out there judge me ..,my friends go to bloggers to write things about me ..I have no friend ..I trust no one.I lost my family years ago it was the only thing that made me shed tears…the last was my mum and I remember not shedding a tear cos she was the third in two years… Nothing in this life can break me anymore. I want you to know that no man on earth has the power to stop what God starts and till you confess you will not find peace. I’m not perfect but I’m making changes. God bless every one who supports and prays for me.”

Nigeria's new World Trade Center poised to send its economy sky high

"My expectation is that if this is executed to plan, Abuja will be able to host world class conferences and compete favorably with Johannesburg and Cape Town for international events”.

Nigeria's capital city of Abuja is about to get a new heart: a brand new World Trade Center complex.

The development is expected to open to the public early next year after the completion of the first phase of construction. It will join a network of 323 locations in 89 countries, started in 1970 with the inauguration of the first World Trade Center in New York City.  Funded by local and foreign financial institutions, as well as private investors, to the tune of 200 billion Nigerian Naira, or just over $1 billion, the WTC Abuja will be the largest mixed-use development in West Africa.

The new WTC Abuja will open in the business district of Nigeria'a capital city early next year.Well connected
WTC Abuja has been under development since 2010, on a lot spanning over six million square feet in the Central Business Area of the capital.

These Wedding Pictures Will Make You Smile

Source: www.brit.co

Where did her legs go?

Source: www.brit.co
Wedding Party Picture Fail! – There is a video out there that captures this whole moment, but this pictures says it all. They had the whole bridal party head out on the dock of this lake and take a group photo. The problem: the dock was no sturdy enough to hold the entire wedding party, so they slowly sunk into the water! All that money on those dresses and ruined with a crack of the wood.

Source: www.teamjimmyjoe.com
Groomsmen Underwear – While the view is very nice (and the hubby has a very nice booty), who gave approval for this photo to be taken? I guess they planned it since they had the underwear made, but I am sure the bride was not propping this one up on the mantel for everyone to see.

Source: www.brit.co
Kicking The Bridesmaid – It is that popular jumping photo again, but this one went terribly wrong. First, we have the best man jumping up (and do an amazing job with that split jump), but he happens to kick the bridesmaid right in the face! Second, it looks like he may have not only split his jump, but he is split those pants at the same time!

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com
Some Surprise Guests – You send out invites to your wedding, but sometimes you just never know who is going to show up! It is a cute picture of the happy couple after their wedding vows and in sneaks the dolphins! Hey, they just wanted to kiss the bride too and to share the love of the happy day!

Source: www.heavy.com
Perfect Couple? – They often say that there is someone out there for everyone. I, personally, never would have seen these two together, but love has no boundaries! That bride just creeps me out and he comes back from the war and finds this to marry? They definitely look happy, so props to them!

Source: www.brit.co
What’s Going On Down There? – There has to be more to this picture than what it seems to be showing, but it looks like this lady has some major things going on down there and this baby is wondering what it is. I mean, the baby has a coat on and she is giving some jazz hands. Spread them wide….it’s my wedding day!

Source: www.brit.co
Planking Pastor – Planking was a hot trend for a while, but you know that trend needs to end when your pastor is doing it in one of your wedding photos! Besides the planking pastor, lets talk about those shoes on the groom? This isn’t a beach wedding, so put some dress shoes on already!

Source: www.heavy.com
Thanks For Coming Out! – Clearly the boobs aren’t really and she is really excited to be showing them off on her BIG day. The husband stands by, proudly, as his wife is the center of attention on this one. I get that she is proud of those big guns, but can’t she cover them up a tad bit more on her wedding day? However, she doesn’t look like she has a lot of class, so this is the best she could do.

Source: www.huffingtonpost.com
Creeper, Much? – It is the special moment and the happy couple is at the wedding reception and sharing that toast together. The photographer thought they were getting the perfect photo, but in pops the creeper that fits perfectly in between the bride and groom! How did the photographer not see that guy and his big smile in between them?

Gbemi Momoh
Kingsley Momoh
Stanley Momoh

Age Can Make You Disappoint Your Fans

Remember him in the popular comedy show 'Friends'?

source: mirror.co.uk
Matthew Perry played Chandler Bing on “Friends” and had a secret life behind the scenes. He told People magazine that he got addicted to drugs and alcohol. “From an outsider’s perspective it would seem like I had it all. It was actually a very lonely time for me because I was suffering from alcoholism. Eventually things got so bad I couldn’t hide it and everyone knew,” said Perry. He is currently on “The Odd Couple” and he’s looking different from the Chandler we knew.

source: becomegorgeous.com

Kevin Federline was a backup dancer for Britney Spears and then he was not. You have to be doing intense choreography and look cute up there on stage for that job. He probably won’t get any more offers to dance after his drastic weight gain. In 2010, he told Access Hollywood, “Once you get depressed, you don’t really feel like doing anything. You’re kind of discouraged about yourself and then the weight gain too, or that makes me more depressed. I mean, it’s a combination of all those things.”

source: acidcow.com
James Bond is known to be fit and charming. Pierce Brosnan played Bond from 1995 to 2002 in movies like “GoldenEye,” “Tomorrow Never Dies,” and “Die Another Day.” Then it was probably that “Mamma Mia!” movie that let us know he is not the same Bond as before. You can only do so many musicals with Amanda Seyfried before the career takes a drastic turn. He might make a comeback since he’s in the 2015 movie “Survivor” coming in May.

source: lindaikeji.blogspot.com
D’Angelo was known for his “Untitled (How Does It Feel?)” music video and now we all know how he really felt about his video. It was for his “Voodoo” album and then he went to court for charges of drunk driving, drug possession, assault, and disturbing the peace according to a Spin article. He won’t be doing any naked music videos any more but he is planning on playing certain venues for his 2014 “Black Messiah” album.

source: thefw.com
Austin St. John was the red Power Ranger on “Might Morphin Power Rangers.” It looks like the years have not been as kind to him as someone like Mario Lopez, who is also in his 40s, but the legacy of being a former Power Ranger has its perks. He interviewed with Sciencefiction.com and said that the original Black Ranger told him about conventions. “I’m already booked all the way to 2016! Now I’ve got four new films, a TV series, a bunch of new projects,” said St. John.

source: pinterest.com

Did Macauley Culkin disappear? He was so famous from the “Home Alone” movies and now it seems like his waistline is disappearing. The Daily Mail called “dishevelled and emaciated” in a 2012 article. The rumours about him are not any better. The National Enquirer alleged that he shared the same drug dealer with Zac Efron. Hollywood is a small town after all. Let’s hope he’s not home alone and popping oxycontin.

source: imgbuddy.com
Before there was Ben Affleck as Batman, there was Val Kilmer in “Batman Forever.” Will Arnett got to wear the same batsuit for the “Everything is Awesome” performance at the 2015 Oscars. However, Kilmer did not stay Batman forever and might have to go for less physically demanding action movies now. He is going to be in a movie called “Weightless” with Ryan Gosling and Christian Bale. That’s two former Batmans together.
source: twicsy.com

Just when you thought Lindsay Lohan was keeping a low profile while rehabilitating her career, she surprises you. The former “Mean Girls” star was photographed at the Cirque Le Soir club in London partying again. When was the first sign of trouble? Was it the time she allegedly punched a woman in New York or the time she went to rehab in 2007? She was spotted at West Hollywood clubs since her “Herbie: Fully Loaded” days, according to Indiewire. All that’s left for her is to keep on clubbing.

The Story of Majek Fashek, Nigerian Super reggae star drug debacle has been on for years. However, it seems a latest move by some friends might be the saving deal for the the send the rain crooner.

Tuface Idibia's look sure didn't disappoint fans. He only doesn't spot his punk hair cut any longer. He enjoys going bald.

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