Nigerian Gospel Music Industry Set To Move Up - MEGA 2014 Workshop


The Nigerian gospel music scene  might just be on the verge of taking a new turn if the admonitions which emanated from the the 2nd edition of the Music and Entertainment Gospel Awards (MEGA) workshop convened by veteran journalist Femi Akintunde-Johnson popularly known as FAJ is to be adhered.

Femi Akintunde- Johnson
Participants at the workshop which held on 17th September, 2014 at The Event Centre opposite the Afrika shrine in Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos came to the conclusion that there is bickering within the gospel music sector which has in a very big way affected the growth of the gospel music industry.

Deji Irawo
While speaking at the event, Mr Deji Irawo, the brain behind X2D TV knelt pleading with music acts to stop the fight because the future of the moral uprightness of the coming generations depends on them. He noted that the spate of obscenity in the media is high hence, the gospel acts have no choice to work harder and churn out quality productions that can in no small way contribute positively to the lives of the younger generation.
Lara George

The participants comprised up and coming artistes, media executives, label owners. Also in attendance attendance were  top acts like veteran musician and producer Broda Martyns, Lara George and one of the raves of the moment Florocka. Veteran music producer, Laolu Akins, Station manager of Radio continental Mr. Tokunbo Ojekunle,  Music producer of note Wole Oni, video producers Akin Alabi and Mr Yinka Davis of ifocus productions.

The event was organised with the intention to tackle issues affecting the music industry particularly the gospel music sector. The topic of the session was "Why we create music" had veteran Broda Martyns as the moderator of the first session and Tokunbo Ojekunle as the moderator of the second session. The general theme of the workshop is "Re-inventing the creative force in the Nigeria music industry".

Guguru FM is set to give you a comprehensive account of the outcome of the awards which is billed to come up later in the year.

Jumoke Odetola - The Fast Rising Sun In Nollywood

The name Jumoke Odetola is fast becoming a force to be reckoned with in the Nigerian movie industry. The fair complexioned beauty whose foray into the screen world has caused a form of stare to already established names recently took the lead role in a new and captivating TV series -  Ewuju ati Olode (bushmeat and the hunter). Jumoke was recently described by ace movie producer, Lancelot Imasuen as a lady with a future to behold in Nollywood.
Her face started getting noticed with appearances on productions like the award winning comedy, KILANTA  where she featured alongside the biggest names in the Yoruba movie industry and award winning TV soap So Wrong So Wright produced by Genesis Studio.

Furthermore, she has also stared in productions like Oko mi (movie) produced by Gloria Iwueno, Ipe (the call) by Mercy Aigbe, Life after marriage by Mercy Aigbe, Orum Dopa by Ahmed Olanrewaju.
In her latest work, Ewuju ati Olode (bushmeat and the hunter), she stars as Tima who schemes her way to marry a dying rich man (Legba) with the consent of her boyfriend (Deji). Multifaceted Gabriel Afolayan played Deji, Deolu Remi played Legba. Other members of the cast include Bayo Bankole, Tayo Adeleye, Lanre Salako and Abiodun Jimoh.

She revealed to Guguru FM that she will also be featured in a production coming out from the stables of Prodigy and Pens communications titled Binta Ofege which she says will be a landmark in the industry. Jumoke is well versed in English and Yoruba.
Watchout for a comprehensive interview with Jumoke on Guguru FM.




I grew up watching mothers as businesswomen and merchant traders accomplishing many feats in the same way others make it in the corporate world. I watched mothers take charge in the home front, being industrious and conquering wars in the market place just like in the boardroom. I watched mothers winning competitions to be the best and training their children to have good education which was no child’s play and which requires currency and currency has got to be earned especially through hard work, I noticed the role being independent played in these strings of successes. I am not ready to claim it went well for all of them but must say that it really helped in helping me project what life for me should be. Some women have taken this independent nature to be mean - modern day equality in marriage, which gives them the title of the de-facto head of the home.

We are called to be help meet, a helper, a helper comparable to the man, that does not imply inferiority but describes function rather than worth, a woman does not lose value as a person by humbly assuming the role of a helper, we are designed as the perfect counterpart for the man, the woman was neither inferior nor superior, but she was alike and equal to the man in her personhood while different and unique in her function.

While a spinster with enough resources, elegant lifestyle of independence and confidence, I kept making decisions without consulting with my fiancé, most of which the man was able to relate with, I felt since it would be my day and I would be the cynosure of all to behold, why bother to consider his decisions of opinions.

However, with his clamp down on my ‘perfect list,  I decided to believe more in his capabilities, not that I ever doubted that as God has gifted men with great capacities for responsible leadership, but the act of taking charge, the independent nature has eaten deep into me, it was not at all an easy decision, but to avoid another friction  which we’ve been having  due to the fact that I’ve been becoming so feisty lately, I grudgingly decided to give in, and then I remember his words in that soothing matured way,“It’s not a contest, we are not competing with ourselves, It’s a facet of love which is friendship, with an emphasis on communicating and being close, sharing thoughts and feelings, and dreaming together”.

Heaving deeply and thinking aloud, it will be in our interest as women to stop assuming the role of the man in marriage, so will allow him a field-day express his authority as the oko iyawo (bridegroom) and pray he does not fail because I’m sure ready to scream, scratch and bite, thank heavens my old man has told him to really keep calm and be patient with me for I am one hell of a lady…………..which is a story for another day.

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