Did Mugabe Really Sack His Men For Looking At His Wife's Behind?

You be the judge.
Below are the exhibits.

Defence Chief Sitting Close To Madam With Mugabe Watching Suspiciously....Check Out His Gaze.

Hmm...If This Is A Coincidence, What About The Gaze Of The Other Guy?

Now what's your verdict. Although the story of the sack emanated from blogger Alex Tackie, nothing official has been released on the issue; confirming or denying it.

Who Is Or Are The Pigs Ex-Governor Fashola Talked About?

Kingsley Momoh - Lagos

Obviously, these are not one of those days that governor Fashola smiles and  ends his address with his Eko Oni Baje slogan. For the first time in many years, Fashola ends his lines with visible anger written all over his press statement released in response to allegation of running his website with N78 million. Are the allegations spurious and targeted to make Fashola unusable by the Buhari administration as he suggests in the press statement? Or is the ex-governor trying to gather support of the populace. And who are the pigs he referred to in the statement?  Well, you make your choice.


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