Buhari Taken To Court Over Certificate.

Now it seems that finally, someone has taken a step further in Buhari certificate Brouhaha by taking  the issue to a federal high court in Abuja. If this is true, then, the certificate or no certificate and forgery issue will be further stretched into the election month of February. Mr.Chukwunweike Okafor, an Abuja based lawyer has finally done something interesting that will definitely serve as a judicial predence for future elections.

The originating summons marked FHC/ABJ/CS/01/2015 has Buhari, APC and the Independent National Electoral Commission as the first, second and third defendants respectively.

Buhari Was In My School - Coomassie, Abdullahi


Two prominent Nigerians the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gen Muhammadu Buhari, mentioned as his classmates in secondary school – former president of the Court of Appeal (PCA), Justice Umaru Abdullahi and former inspector-general of police, Alhaji Ibrahim Cooomassie, last night spoke on the personality of Buhari.
In an exclusive interview with LEADERSHIP in Abuja, Umaru Abdullahi and Coomassie told LEADERSHIP that they and about five prominent Nigerians attended the same school.
Coomasie said Buhari was the head boy and loved to play football during their days in school.
Coomasie mentioned the former PCA Justice Abdullahi, Gen Shehu Musa Yar’Adua, the late Grand Khadi Halilu, and a Second Republic senator Abdul Ali as some of their classmates.
Coomassie said: “While we were in school, Buhari was the head boy. He loves playing football. We were all close friends in school. After we finished secondary school, General Buhari decided to join the military, I joined the police and Justice Abdullahi decided to go to the university.”
“I, the late Shehu Yar’Adua, the late Halilu, a Grand Khadi in Katsina, Senator Abdul Ali, a Senator in the 2nd Republic and several other attended the same school”
On his part, Justice Abdullahi described Buhari as a brilliant student when they were in school, saying he was Buhari’s classmate from primary to secondary school, saying: “I, Buhari and some others had the best results during our final examinations in secondary school back then. He was a very brilliant student in school, no doubt; we attended the same school from primary to secondary school.”


Gbemi Momoh - Abeokuta  

The much anticipated dance event A Thousand Ways to Dance which holds 4th of  February has unveiled the judges for the event which promises to turn this around in the social life of the University of Agriculture in Abeokuta Ogun state and the entire South western Nigeria.

The judges are:

Media guru and CEO of Guguru FM Kingsley Momoh. Kingsley has been a TV presenter & Producer and editor of various publications including BOS international magazine & Castle lifestyle magazine. He is also the founder of Thinkology, a group dedicated to helping young Nigerians identify and develop their talents as early as possible.

Obinna Jackson is a multifaceted artiste. He is a dancer and choreographer and an artistic director. He is a student of SPAN (society for the performing arts in Nigeria) and a member of APEX dance company. Furthermore, his exploits in dance has seen him represent Nigeria in the United States of America with  Top Nigerian hip hop dance group, SOE (STARS ON EARTH).  They did a dance with renowned female dancer Comfort Fedoke (Missy Elliott's principal dancer) among many other top notch entertainers.

The only female judge of the three is Boluwatife Taiyese. She is a model and a trainer of models. Boluwatife is an adept event manger and is the CEO of  Nube Ushers. Taiyese's strides in the creative industry has seen her organize or co organize top notch events across Nigeria. She is one of the few Female Nigerian model trainers whose models have participated and won in several competitions.

The judges according to the organizers are experts in the creative arts and their wealth of experience would help bring out the best of the best.

With this revelation, all seems now set for the  group dance competition which holds at the 2,500 - seater Mahmud Yakub hall at the Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Ogun state.
Side attractions at the event which is heavily supported by various brands includes freestyle dance sessions, comedy and much more. Some of the dance teams to compete that day for the soul of ATW2D include  Ibadan/Lagos based group, The cymbals, Jyve crew of FUNAAB, Incredible Dancers from Lagos, SWAT dancers from MAPOLY, 2xl Crew, SOE and Rainbow crew.

Comedians on the list include M.C Laff, Fumbincomedous, Hepta, Funny Jaw, Jasket, Muniru While Music Acts Like Lord Of Askambo, Ajanaku, Maiki, Liltorn, Gbomobale will exhibit why they rock in the rock city.

Tickets go for N200 and it also qualifies guests for free refreshment at the venue.There would also be a raffle draw when cool prices like, tablets, phones, power banks and other fun items will be won..Ticktets are available at Tantiz, Flora, or from any of the members of the Student union government. For further can be gotten from Dvibes: 7F51C9BC, 07035665927.

Danish Woman Marries Horse!


October 23rd, 2014 | by Bob Flanagan

Denmark has thus become the first country to lawfully recognize Human–animal marriage, a position that may lead to many more similar unions in the country, admits Mr Jorgensen. Copenhagen | The Supreme Court of Denmark was forced to recognize the right of a 28-year old animal rights activist to marry her own horse, creating a legal precedent and opening the path to Human-animal marriage across the country, reports the Copenhagen Express this morning.
The young woman, who is an attorney, focused on a legal loophole in the country’s flexible sex laws which makes the practice of zoophilia legal, thus opening the way to Human-animal marriage.
Milanja Broskvit pleaded the case that she and her husband Thorgen, were victims of speciesism, a prejudice similar to racism or sexism.

The young woman argues she and her horse Thorgen, a four-year old white spanish stallion, are victims of persecution by the Danish Government

“When zoophilia and bestiality are legalized in a country, it opens the door to all kinds of misunderstandings about the legal status of animals in relation to humans under which legal authorities have little or no control” explains world renown expert and legal advisor, James Cudwell.

Danish agricultural minister Dan Jorgensen made the news this week when he announced his plan to outlaw sex with animals in Denmark.

“Our country has become a hot-spot for animal sex tourists in recent years and has seen a surge in animal brothels, as bestiality is banned almost everywhere else in Europe. How long will we allow this to tarnish our international reputation?” he asked the Parliament.

Denmark has thus become the first country to lawfully recognize Human–animal marriage, a position that may lead to many more similar unions in the country, admits Mr Jorgensen.Jumia – online shopping in Nigeria for electronics, mobiles, fashion & more

Valerino: Guitarist Extraordinaire; The Pride Of Etsako


Gbemi Momoh - Lagos

Valerino Osigbemhe { Rino} was born in Auchi, Edo State of Nigeria in West Africa. He started as a drummer in his late dad’s band {Late Gen. Bolivia Osigbemhe} at the age of 11. When his father died, he learned to play the guitar, which he now does in a manna that will make Jimmy Hendrix smile in his grave, and provoke Carlos Santana to seek Nigerian citizenship. He has played in numerous popular venues throughout Nigeria, including The French Cultural Centre in Lagos, Nimbus, The Shell Club in Port-Harcourt, at the global event of 100 thousand poets and musicians for change held in Abuja the Nigeria capital, etc Valerino released an album titled AAIGBAGIEMHE and is currently working on his next album, with the working title of ANACONDA. Talking about Anaconda; what comes to people’s mind is one big snake that is commonly found in the forest of South America. Lol! ANACONDA is just a love song that has a lot of classical guitar dexterity and powerful lyrical hooks which his fans see as comic and entertaining! He is very jovial and easy going. Valerino is a music producer, Song writer, inventor; He also got a degree in audio Engineering. He is one of the best audio engineers you can find in Nigeria. He’s got another single titled GIANT that is making wave in the country. The song is about the greatest of all African countries. You better imaging being a citizen of such a country. The song is also used as a theme song for one of the NTA News24 programs called “I Nigerian on air” showing every Friday as from 8:30 pm before the network news. FB: Valerino Osigbemhe 

Valerino OsigbemheTWITTER: https://twitter.com/ValerinoNigeria Jumia – online shopping in Nigeria for electronics, mobiles, fashion & more

Abeokuta Rocks As ATW2D Hits The Rock City

Gbemi Momoh
The heat in the hilly city of Abeokuta is hotter than ever and indeed, it is not as a result of the coming elections but because of what seems to be the most talked about event to ever hold at the federal university of Agriculture located in the city - A thousand ways to dance.
Branded tee shirts and other sourvenirs have suddenly taken over the campus and as it is, this is the most publicized event ever in the history of the university. 
And just like the organizers said that they hope it will set a landmark by changing the lives of many dancers and enthusiasts at FUNAAB and other major cities around Abeokuta, Ogun State; lives are already being changed.
The objectives of A THOUSAND WAYS TO DANCE include showcasing students’ skills in areas of dance, music and comedy; test dancers’ understanding of important dancing skills; equip participants with knowledge of emerging trends in the entertainment industry; provide a platform of interaction and collaboration between youths of different institutions of learning and professionals Dancers.
A THOUSAND WAYS TO DANCE apart from dance will also include comedy, and music performances by up and coming artistes and established acts.  There will also be a fashion show and red carpet interviews.
The following establishments have expressed their interest in the show or given support. These include Reamii.com, Oojaa.com, Sparkle Music, Glam House, Funaab Radio, Music Café TV, 7log6Clothing, TM Clothing, Tomadex Prints and Guguru fm.



…..I remembered a friend of my bosom friend querying and asking if I was sure I hadn't gone down low…

…..she quipped", listing the merits of sexual intimacy prior to marriage, from having full knowledge of the potency of the man to how great he'll be in bed, and also to how fertile the woman can be…

The wedding was a huge success, the turnout was very impressive, the church was filled to the brim, I could spot my mother’s family in their aso-ebi and pink gele head gear, all decked up and looking glamorous and beautiful, and all wanted to be identified with the bride{familiarity}, this I observed when asked to come sign the marriage register, they all stood up and followed suit, I was a bit pissed because I thought, what’s the fuss, I was so stressed and it was obvious in my facial expression, the photographer had kept urging and encouraging me to smile as it might affect the end result of the pictures; and the reception was mighty full, my husband kept asking if I was sure we were at the right venue, I smiled wryly; and as with every occasion to experience little flaws and flops, mine was no exception, the wedding cake was a disaster, I could not bring myself to cut the cake which was made by husband’s great-aunt{to think that my husband said he paid for that cake}, the best man had to tell the master of ceremony to skip the aspect of cutting of the wedding cake; some of my husband’s family were unattended to, I had to call the attention of my maid of honor who hurriedly made sure they were well taken care of. Weddings are much more than beautiful gowns, crowds of people, and expensive decorating. A wedding is a time of COMMITMENT. It should include worship and giving thanks to God as well as the celebrating of the wonderful blessing God has given both the bride and groom. The wedding ceremony is an appropriate time to reflect on the example of unconditional love, which God has demonstrated, thus, I decided not to focus on the little inadequacies and revel in the moment. Did I dance, of course I very well did that, I danced and danced, and there was the introduction of who and who, and do you remember the mother, daughter of this and that on the dance floor…………my families and in-laws all thronged to the dance floor to outdo themselves, and by night my siblings had turned a wedding party to a mixture of hip-hop and high life party {trust guys now}.

A hotel was booked by my husband’s friends wherein we lodged in after the party, I was totally ragged out and edgy and all I wanted was to get enough sleep{the clinging, hugging and crying of siblings, friends and families at the reception was indescribable, the feeling, eerie },but my husband kept nudging and urging me to prep up good for the night, yea, prep up, having fulfilled the obligation and holy commandment of being pure and chaste, subduing the raging hormones and human passions which of course were constantly rearing its head as we were always together, if it was not mid-week service in church, then it was seeing the movies or relaxing at a fun spot together, there was a particular night we were tempted to share a kiss whilst dropping me off at home, haaaaaaaaaaa that night; and of course I had my doubts about his potency, because this man, this man that I have decided to spend the latter part of my years with, is known to be rigid, old-fashioned and not very expressive{I am more of the lovey-dovey type; in my aunty’s words, “you know the words and death that can kill and raise love”}, some of my friends had asked me pointedly if I was sure of what I was getting into, they felt it was very imperative I know how things stand, ohhhhh how I remembered a friend of my bosom friend querying and asking if I was sure I hadn't gone down low, if it was what I wanted or merely conforming and fulfilling godly standard as opposed to the worldly standard and tradition of sexual intimacy prior to marriage, she quipped", listing the merits of sexual intimacy prior to marriage, from having full knowledge of the potency of the man to how great he'll be in bed, and also to how fertile the woman can be,she went on to mention some rooted traditions and culture where a woman is expected to conceive before performing any form of marital rites. 
Chastity means abstention from sexual activity outside of marriage and is a Christian obligation, for the Christian there is one rule and one rule only: total abstention from sexual activity prior to marriage and total faithfulness within marriage. Christians are to prize the sanctity of sex. This means learning the disciplines of longing, loneliness, uncertainty, hope, trust and unconditional commitment to Christ-a commitment requiring that regardless of what passion we may feel, we must be pure. Purity means freedom from contamination, from anything that would spoil the taste or the pleasure, reduce the power or in any way adulterate what a thing is meant to be. Purity before marriage consists of giving ourselves to and for each other in obedience to God. Sexual purity is one of the foremost means of safeguarding a marriage from behaviors that pollute, corrupt, infect, or destroy it------physically, emotionally, or spiritually. Passion must be held by principle. The principle is love----not merely erotic, sentimental, or sexual feeling. There is no other way to control passion and no other route to purity and joy. Within marriage, sexual union is natural, healthy, and pleasurable not only for the moment-----but for all of life together. Sexual intimacy is natural, in the sense in which the original Designer created it to be. When virginity and purity are no longer protected and prized, there is dullness, monotony, and sheer boredom. By trying to find fulfillment everywhere, you find it nowhere. Any intimate sexual relationship outside of monogamous fidelity within the covenant of marriage is condemned as sexual immorality. If you choose to avoid the sin of immorality, that is Gods ideal; but if you have already given away your virginity, the message of the gospel proclaims New Birth, a new beginning, and a new creation.

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