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Guguru FM Public Service: Scam Alert! This Awaits Your Yahoo Account!

Guguru FM Public Service: Scam Alert! This Scam Awaits Your Yahoo Account! Log in to your peril. Be warned! This type of message is sent to you as a mail and you log in innocently thinking you want to save your account while you are actually giving out your account.

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Guguru FM 


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Can Aregbesola Also Do The Trick In Osun?

#OsunDecides Here Comes Aregbesola Rice!!!

It seems the rice strategy is getting more popular and significant as this picture suggests. As the gubernatorial election approaches in Osun state. It is glaring that it isn't only Governor-elect Fayose that  knows how to use the let there be rice style of campaigning.
Feelers say this campaign step by an APC senator has been on for a while in Osun state in anticipation of winning the hearts of Osun electorates.

Let There Be Rice, And There Were Votes! - Guguru FM Congratulates Fayose

If indeed, Ayodele Fayose's victory was propelled by the rice he gave to the masses of Ekiti state, then he must have carefully studied the people of the state to know what they need. This indeed is a strategy that no one has ever used successfully before now.  Guguru FM believe that this shows a high level of research and careful understanding of the electorate. And it is a clear signal to politicians who still believe that propaganda and name calling will earn them votes in free and fair situations. We congratulate the governor elect and wish him an astounding time in office. Let there be rice in all situations in Ekiti state. Let the rice come on the roads, let the rice come in as jobs, let the rice come in as better standard of living let there be rice in the education sector, let there be rice in agriculture. Please Ayodele Fayose, let this rice continue.

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