If Ebola Was A Man - Kingsley Momoh

If Ebola Was A Man By Kingsley Momoh

If Ebola Was A Man
By Kingsley Momoh

If ebola was a man
I'd ask him questions about his plan
Why did he choose Africa to be the land
To hatch his grievous plan?

Before coming didn't you read about us?
How the whites have already invaded us?
Didn't you read about how our traditions and culture were crushed?
How the whites betrayed our trust?

Ebola, this is malignant wickedness
We already have the highest rate of other ailments
Why join this unpopular elements?
In making Africa much more restless?

We heard other ailments are jealous of the kind of fear you brought upon us
They now feel their evil acts were fair to us
now we look at our brothers with distrust
The fear of getting infected from others fills us with disgust

Haven't you heard of Asia, Europe and the Americas?
They have everything they need, so much that they can even afford to travel to Mars
All we do here is import food, clothes and cars
The oil we have, after exporting, we import as petrol, kerosene or gas.

Give this a thought
Liberia and Sierra-Leone just left war fronts
Nigeria with corruption and terrorism is finding it hot
Please give this a second thought

You are nearly forty
matured, no longer ten or twenty
By now you have realized your potency
Die, most of your victims must certainly

Hence Africa should never have been your destination
Where there is so much struggle for stabilization
In economy, health and democratization
The woes of many African nations

If ebola was a man
I will arrest him and hack him down
But ebola is not a man
To get him, we must be ready to follow preventive plans

By Kingsléy Momoh 2014

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