Nigerian Global Star: Sir Shina Peters - Afro Juju Creator

Sir Shina Peters
When the story of the growth the Nigerian music industry will be discussed anytime, it will never be complete without the name of one of the colossus of the industry whose staying power yielded him great dividends at the release of his 5th Album titled "ACE".
Sir Shina Peters' impact in the Nigerian music industry will not go unmentioned as he is one of the acts whose songs despite being in Yoruba language crossed the bothers of tribe and culture to be come a hit and regular tune at various events across the nation.
Clarion Chukwura and Son, Sir Shina Peters and Son
Indeed, a living legend, Sir Shina Peters story is one of resilience and creativity. His son Clarence Peters is at the helm of affairs of Capital pictures and by all yardsticks a success in the make belief and music industry.

In an interview with Kingsley Momoh at the tribute night held in honour of late Christy Essien- Igbokwe, he described Legends as not been cherished in Nigeria until they are gone.

Sir Shina Peters (born 30 May 1958) is a Nigerian Jùjú musician. Born Oluwashina Akanbi Peters in Ogun State, he began his career while playing the guitar with General Prince Adekunle, later forming his own group with Juju Maestro Segun Adewale.[1] Shina Peters, after releasing many albums with Segun Adewale thru the 1980s, went on to form his own band "Sir Shina Peters & His International Stars". Their first album release Ace (Afro-Juju Series 1) in 1989 went double platinum and was the career breakthrough which catapulted Sir Shina Peters back into the limelight. "Ace" was a musical fusion between Juju and Afro beat; a rhythmic collaboration which pierced Ethnic, Cultural and language barriers in Nigeria. The second album release Shinamania (Afro-Juju Series 2) went on to further prove that Sir Shina Peters & His International Stars were on the verge to change and revolutionize the Juju Music scene in Africa.[citation needed] Sir Shina Peters is still regarded as the creator of a well-respected music genre (Afro Juju) that exists in its own class till this day. He currently has 16 album releases to his credit.
Kingsley Momoh & Sir Shina Peters
Sir Shina Peters also called "SSP" has received numerous awards and recognition for his unparalleled prowess in the art of Writing, Composition, Choreography and Musical Ability.[citation needed] Sir Shina Peters & His International Stars have become a household name in the World Music genre.[citation needed] Sir Shina Peters has sold millions of albums worldwide & has taken his music to the shores of South Africa, Europe, Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and United States. Sir Shina Peters is currently signed to Orbit Entertainment, his USA agency based in New York.

Popular Culture

Sir Shina Peters is a well-recognised symbol of music evolution in Nigeria. Popularizing one of Africa's most important genres,he is seen as a force for great musical movements. On the negative side,owing to his nationally witnessed debacle at the apex of his popularity on wishing fellow Music Entertainer King Sunny Ade(KSA) a quick and smooth recovery, Sir Shina Peters due to his lack of familiarity with the English language goes on to say "...I wish him soonest recover. This was a source of mockery for him,in the hands of the press which greatly affected his image temporarily. He did recover from the blunder.


  1. Way to Freedom (1980)
  2. Freedom (Senwele)(1981)
  3. Money Power (1982)
  4. Ko Temi fun mi (1984)
  5. Ace "Afro Juju Series 1 (1989)
  6. Shinamania (1990)
  7. Dancing Time (1991)
  8. Experience (1992)
  9. Mr. President (1993)
  10. My Child (1994)
  11. Kilode (1995)
  12. Love (1996)
  13. Reunion (1997)
  14. Playmate (2000)
  15. Happy Hour (2004)
  16. Pay Back Time (2005)
  17. Splendour (2006)

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