My Neighbour’s Wife : The Intriguing Story Of A Nigerian Bachelor

My neighbour’s wife is beautiful no doubt; she has the curves in the right proportions, sizes and with the attendant effects. Describing her as hot might be an understatement because she has the features that could make a reverend father rescind his decision to join the clergy.

The first time I saw her was when I came along with the Estate agent to see the Landlord for the first time. She was down stairs picking her dry clothes from the line. She was backing us and she was at the far end of the compound. She was putting on a blue shirt and a red blouse. Her shapely shape was so enticing that I wanted to see the face that adorned the awesome body. Hence, instead of following the Estate Agent into the door that led to the stairway that lead to the landlord’s place flat, I went to quench my sudden hunger for the woman whose body has reinvented a definition to the term – beauty.

As I approached her, she turned around and added the plus sign to whatever description I made of her judging by only her backside. She made me realize that she was a complete package in the right proportions. And to make the matter much more interesting, she had the most enchanting smile I have ever seen in my life.

“Good morning”, I said stuttering.

She smiled some more when she noticed my state of mind. She winked at me and she stretched her right hand for a handshake.

I looked at my right hand and neatened it on my shirt; a gesture which made her smile the more and which made her the more enticing to me.

Shaking her hand at that moment became one of the greatest feats in my life. In an uncoordinated way I introduced myself and she told me that her name was Susan Hart a resident of the building.

I have segmented what transpired between Susan and I into a series I titled “my neighbour’s wife” which will come your way weekly on this page. So hang on for a daily dose of the story of the tenancy of a young Nigerian bachelor in Lagos, South West Nigeria whose intriguing story in a 4 flat apartment is filled with suspense, comedy, and much more.

I Need Your Advice....What should I Do Now?

dvise Me
“The fact that I risked my life as an armed robber whose achievements include robbing a bank successfully made the tears flow out the more as I looked at the only property I had left from my years as a thief go up in flames. It was a gruesome experience that actually turned my life around. The fire was caused by an electrical fault and it was fueled by the 50-liter gallon of petrol I stored in my bathroom. It was at that point that I came to realize that what the Pastor always preached in church was the truth”.

And as the man continued his testimony on the Television show, my daughter came into the sitting room to tell me that the Landlord was at the door and has demanded I came out.  I looked at her and thought of telling her to tell him to come in while I continued watching the interesting testimony of the Robber turned Pastor came to me but I didn’t ; I only managed to say Ok to make her have a response for the unwelcomed visitor who my landlord was.

As the former robber continued, I marveled at the turn around and wanted to find out how he came to turn a new leaf. That was the part I was waiting to hear when suddenly my landlord barged into the sitting room with two policemen behind him. It was then I realized that the threat of evicting me was real and indeed it seemed this was the end for me.

“Chief, but I told you to give me some more time”, I said to my Landlord who refused to look at me. He was fuming with anger. However, before I could say anything further, one of the policemen faced me and presented a paper to me which he claimed was an eviction order from the court.

“Officer, we can settle this thing between…”

“Settle kini? Officer, please do your work and stop listening to this him”, my Landlord cut me short as I tried to call for a form of truce.

“Chief, but I thought I explained the exact situation of things to you”

“That is not my business, I want you get out of my house, shey na story I go chop?”

My Pastor Couldn't Have Impregnated Cynthia!

I didn’t understand the exact situation until I got to the police station. I got a call that my pastor was involved in a rape case involving a member of our church. I was alarmed and made a detour to the station on my way to my office. As a I stepped out of my car, I heard a woman screaming at the top of her voice shouting “that’s one of them”.

"One of what?"

I looked behind me to see if she meant someone behind me but I soon realized that she meant me. I tried to put on the best of my PR skills which helps to manage such situations. I walked up to the woman upon recognizing her as a member of our church and the mother of one of the most promising children in the children’s church.

“Good morning Sis…”

“Devil will punish you!” she shouted. “You this wicked rapist, you will rot in jail!”

I was taken aback by her outburst which was unlike her. Prior to that day, you would never think that she could utter any negative word not to talk of cursing! However, I feared that she must really have a strong proof that the Pastor actually committed the crime. She was held back by a man and a woman standing by her who apparently came with her to the station.

“Sis Adigwe, I don’t understand what you mean, what actually is the matter?”

“Dirty bastard, how would you understand the matter?”

The man who came with her came to me and took me aside to talk to me. We walked back to my car while Sis Adigwe continued in her rants which had grave accusations that got me really worried.

“Sorry for all this Pastor” the man began.

“Excuse me sir, I am not a pastor, I am just a worker”

“Anyone, it doesn’t matter what you are. As you can see, tension is high right now and we need to sort things out”

I nodded my head, eager to hear what he had to say.

“Well, I am sure you know her daughter Cynthia”

I nodded.

“Yes I do”

Well, she is in a coma right now”

I was shocked to hear it and wanted to know what it had to do with my pastor”

“Well, I don’t know how to start but well…The thing is that Cynthia is in coma as a result of the loss of too much blood which came as a result of a pregnancy abortion which was a result of sensual relationship between your pastor and Cynthia”.

I stood there looking at the man for a moment and turning around to look at Sis Adigwe who was now calm but looking at me with a murderous stare.

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